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First merge was indeed no problem I can free mp3 download.

After 1st merge, output fails to save - no error message, just fails

I am using Windows 7 (64-bit "Professional") and this app works like a charm - without any difficulties whatsoever. I wish the Operating System Requirements would also include the fact that it can be used on Windows 7, too -- and perhaps many more people would be downloading this (and especially since that toolbar has been removed)! Also, I find the sound quality to be just fine. In addition, I have never lost any parts of my files after doing a merger, and I have been merging with this app for several years. Also, I take note of the path I am downloading the merged file to, so it's easy to see the merger instantly taking place.

None whatsoever. This may not be a fancy app, but who really needs all of the extra bells & whistles if you simply want an app to be extremely efficient and "lightning" fast to merge files -- like the MP3 Merger? Plus, I truly can't believe this app is "free", but I sure am glad it is!

I've never tried merging folders since I haven't personally needed to do that yet. HOWEVER, I've merged tons of songs and also radio programs from my free RadioSure application, and this little MP3 Merger works absolutely terrific, and merges quicker than a lightning flash: in the blink of an eye! I was using this for a few years, but in Augtust, I lost my 2 year old PC in a fire, and when I went to download the app again in September, something had changed -- there now was a "toolbar" that was a mandatory download with it, so I did NOT download it after all. I tried several other free apps, but none worked well; one even taking about 20 minutes to merge just a few songs! I finally gave up on merging any files and have just been keeping them separated in folders (which is a lot because I should actually be merging files on a daily basis).

Then - VOILA - today (12-12-12), I decided to try again and see if perhaps that toolbar had been removed, and it had, so I downloaded the app, and WOW -- I am so happy to have this little fella back again!!! Needless to say, most likely, is that I now have tons of merged files to catch up on, but it will be a joy to do so with this quick little app.


Someone mentioned on June 26 this didn't work for them -- the merged file could not be found anywhere. I don't know if this was their problem, but I, too, found myself in that same position a couple of times -- until I discovered why that happened, which turned out to be "my" fault. When I open my apps, I need to click "Run As Administrator", and the few times I forgot to do that and simply opened the app and tried merging the files, NOTHING happened -- no merger took place. As soon as I realized this, of course, I re-did the merger by FIRST clicking "Run As Administrator" and all was okay again. So just a thought as to possibly why you might not find the merger anywhere if you have your "User Account Control Settings" turned on and need to "Run As Administrator" BEFORE trying to merge files. Hope this "tip" can be of some assistance.

Again, thank you "BIG TIME" to the publisher (Pickmp3 dot com) and also to CNET for helping to distribute the MP3 Merger, and also a big thanks to whoever was responsible for removing that toolbar! To everyone else, all I can say is "Just Do It" --- give this little "gem" a try and you just might feel like I do about it. Hmmm...wouldn't that be something?

Youtube music converter

Worked well on Windows 7 but no notification that it was working or completed.

I checked the destination folder and the files was there and it played.

Didn't set fire to my dog while yelling racial slurs.

It just doesn't work. I loaded the files to merge, set file name and path, hit save, and nothing.

i have tried at least 20 different programs to merge songs into single playlists. none of them did the job as quickly and as clean as this program. some that claim to be free-ware won't let me merge more than 1 'session' or, limit the number of songs. this doesn't.

adding a 'folder' does not always work. i had several missing tracks in the middle of the merged mp3 that were not there, despite being included on the merge list. however, if i add all the tracks individually, it seems to work.

it preserves the first track's media information for the new mp3 - not a big issue, just caused duplicate tracks for me.

this program, with a little more refinement, would be the best of its field, without a doubt. for the meantime, it's free, fast and does exactly what it says it will...

Mpe free

Little to no loss of audio quality in joined track

You have to shut down the program and restart it to do multiple jobs

Nothing to indicate that a job has finished

I'd recommend this program to my friends. It's not fancy but it does what it says it will do both quickly and with little to no loss of audio quality.

What can I say? It's simple and it works on Windows 7...where the more popular "Merge MP3" did not. It's free. It's fast.

It does what it's supposed to do.


Works perfectly, simple, and EXTREMELY fast! I thought it didn't work, it was so fast!

Mp3 music downloder

A great tool to quickly merge album tracks that SHOULD run together but our brain-dead 21st century MP3 players (aka "progress") somehow can't manage easily.

Worked exactly as I wanted it too and very easy to use

Get this if you need or want to merge 2 or more MP3 files together to make one big file

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