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Music is the intangible medicine which rejuvenates our mind, heals our souls. Though, Music has no boundaries but DMCA & other copyright elements stop their flow to earn some money. MP3 is perhaps the most widely used format to distribute and share music songs due to its high quality Audio Output. So, here we bring you the Best 7 MP3 Downloader Apps for Android. Free mp3 download app.

Top 7 Free MP3 Downloader Apps for Android 2018

Songily lets you Download by Search

Songily is perhaps the best app to Download your Favourite MP3 Songs and is the most easier to use of all apps.

In order to download Songs via Songily, all you need to do is to type the Song name, album in the address bar.

Then, from the Search Results which are displayed simply tap on the “Download” icon as shown in the image.

Simple! you have now downloaded your favourite MP3 Audio Song on your Mobile, which you can listen Offline too!

And the Best Part is Songily is available on PlayStore so its completely safe to use and malware free.

Download MP3 Songs from 4 Shared

Though 4 Shared is a file sharing and backup service. The best thing is that it has an ability to search files uploaded by users of the 4 Shared service. Thus, it has lots of MP3’s and songs uploaded by its users.

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Downloading, songs via 4 Shared too is simple like Songily. All you need to do is search for the song name + artist name, and then from the results select the audio music you want to save, and then tap on the “Download” button as shown in the image.

4 Shared too is available on Google Play Store and can be Downloaded from the link below –

Spotify Music Download Offline

Spotify has changed the way music has consumed and now is one of the most used service in the world.

This is despite the fact that it isn’t accessible in all the countries of the Globe.

While Spotify is majorly used for streaming music online, very few know that it can be used to download songs for offline use too. It can be simply done by toggling on the Offline mode button as shown in image.

Not MP3, but the Offline Mode songs are of high HD Quality with Stereo sound and make a great listening experience.

SnapTube app can Download from YouTube & SoundCloud

SnapTube is the only app we are listing which isn’t present in the PlayStore. But despite that it makes an entry due to the great features it provides for Music Lovers.

3mp free download

Almost, any song can be found on YouTube and Snaptube lets you download songs from Youtube on Android in pure MP3 Audio form.

Thus, unlike Other apps which download videos, Snaptube directly downloads MP3 thus there’s no need to convert the videos to extract audio, and thus saving storage space on your phone.

Besides, Snaptube also comes with an in-built audio player incase if you forgot to install a dedicated Music Player on your Phone.

SoundCloud Go lets you Download Songs Offline

SoundCloud is the place where most of the upcoming bands, bedroom DJs host their music on.

Majorly an Online Music Streaming like Spotify, Soundcloud lets you download Music for Offline listening by Soundcloud Go feature.

Saavn Pro lets you Download Songs Offline

Saavn is one of the most used Online Music Streaming Service used in Asia.

The Best Part of Saavn is that it provides a One Month trial where you can download and save Songs for Offline Playback.

Mb3 download music

The Drawback however is that Songs downloaded via Saavn are DRM locked and can be played via the Saavn App only.

Incase, if you want lifetime Offline storage, there are many modified Saavn Pro ApK’s, which let you store songs for more than 1 month for free. A Simple google search can give you the modded apk link. For the Official Saavn App download Please use the link below –

Jio Music has Offline Download Feature

Jio Music is the last app in our list, and is the best if you are from India. It has a huge collection of over 2 Crore Songs to Play and Download from.

Besides, if you are a Jio Customer then there are no charges for Jio Music subscription, thus letting you download many songs for offline listening free of cost.

Thus, these are the Best Free Music Downloader apps for Android which will let you download music songs on Android with High Quality. Incase, if you face any queries or know of other better app feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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