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is a music streaming site developed and operated by pandora media in 2000. Pandora services only available in US, Australia, New Zealand. This music streaming service can not use without registration. It can be accessed some other devices like (roky, sanyo, sangean). It has Paid and free subscription plans. Pandora provide a mini player which has number of limitations like ( artists can't seeded, songs can't be moved to another station ). Best free music download sites.

Pandora can be run on home based devices like Googletv, Roku, Blu-ray players, WDTv. HDTVs can also stream it.

This website use in some vehicles Hyundia, Mercedes benz, Honda, GMC, Ford, Lexus, Nissan, BMW, Lincoln, Buick, Nissan, Tesla, Toyota, Scion, Mazda, Lincoln.

Pandora iPhone apps installs only with Australian, United State, New Zealand iTunes account. Company founded by Will Glaser, Tim Westergen, Jon Kraft. Company Headquarters in oakland california. 223 million users use this service worldwide.

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music.Yahoo was developed by launch media in 2000 later which acquired by yahoo inc. It is number one online mp3 music site in terms of total time spent by users. Yahoo music free accounts were limited to playing up to 2000 songs per month without any special restrictions but the paid account users get more benefits ( High quality sound with unlimited monthly listening, access all artists albums and songs, no commercials or ads ). Yahoo launchcast player only designed for microsoft operating system, it was not compatible with the mac or linux operating system.

Yahoo music.Jukebox YMJ freeware music player known as music engine, requires Microsoft Windows XP with internet explorer and windows media player.

Yahoo.music service limits users can not skip ads, banner and text ads can't be blocked, yahoo not provide any play on demand or ( playback, fast forward ) facility.

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is an UK (United Kingdom) based music website launched in 2002 developed by Felix Miller, Martin Stiksel and Thomas Willomitzer, later was acquired by CBS Interactive. automatically create a musical profile page for every artist, album and track which includes basic data such as name of user, user age, date of registration, lists of friends, groups, favourite tags, events and total number of tracks played. 54 million artists registered, 200 million albums, 640 million tracks available on this platform.

offer paid service (US $3 per month) with extra features such as no ads display, user can access radio on smartphone and hardware devices outside the US, UK, germany.

offers more than one features user can create public profile and groups, events, recommendations, tags, weekly generation charts.

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