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I am fairly new to iPad and not enjoying it. I just need to know how to simply download mp3s form Dropbox to iPad, that's all. I keep getting told to use AirDrop, but I know nothing about it. My wife says it's part of icloud. Is it? I can't find it. How to download mp3.

My attempt to download an mp3 to my ipad started with clicking the mp3 file, which made it play. So I paused it and hit the square with upward pointing arrow (it's probably got a name, but I don't know it). This revealed a pop up headed 'Airdrop'. 'Share instantly with people nearby".....etc. I don't want to share this file, I just want to download it. I tried moving the file into a folder, but the Dropbox app on iPad seems very limited.

What is the easiest way to transfer files frp MBP to ipad?

All suggestions gratefully received.

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MacBook Pro, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1), Firefox 26

I did as you suggested, while the song was playing, but as I said, I get this annoying AirDrop window appearing. The icons it contains are: Messages, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Copy Link and Open in... So I hit 'Open in' and all that happens is another AirDrop window appears containing the text, "Share instantly with people nearby. If they do not appear automatically, ask them to open Control Center and turn on AirDrop."

From waht Sanmannyer says, Free Music Download Plus isn't what I want either.

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So rather than using Dropbox, is there a way to put my mp3 files onto my iPad? From itunes, maybe? Would that be via USB or bluetooth?

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