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Let’s check out Best Way to Transcribe Audio to Text:-> Mp3 software.

M-1: Transcribe with Google Speech-to-Text

If you’re not a great typist, text-to-speech technologies can be wonderful, and Google launched its free service to much fanfare.

These are the steps for using the workaround dictation method:

Open a Google Doc using Chrome as your browser. Other browsers won’t work.

Make sure your microphone is on and functioning. S

Click Tools on the navigation bar, select “voice typing.” Then click the large microphone icon that pops up.

Listen to the audio file using your phone or other device with headphones on. Then start speaking what you hear.

Note: You can also use “Virtual Audio Cable” to Transcribe Pre-recorded Audio file on your PC.

M-2: How to transcribe audio using Dragon Dictate

I use Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software a lot (Actually Dragon for Mac, but have used the PC version too). Dragon was a game changer for my workflow, and I did not expect that.

M-3: Best Free Way: Transcribe Through “YouTube”

Go to YouTube and upload your video file. If you have an MP3 audio file, you may use a tool like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie on Mac or FFMpeg to convert the audio into a video file before uploading to YouTube.

Wait for YouTube to completely process the video. The machine transcriptions may not immediately become available after uploading the video.

I tried Youtube Transcript and it worked. Here is a summary:

1. Login to your gmail account.

3. Upload a video of your audio file (Follow these steps to get video of an audio file-

Either convert your audio to a video file using any online converter (if available) or: Install Camtasia studio (A video editing tool)>> open camtasia >>import your audio file (ensure that it is in.mp3 or the format supported by camtasia, if not, convert your audio to the audio format supported by camtasia) >> Select any image or background from Camtasia library (top left pane) and rightclick+add it to the Timeline>> Go to clipbin>import media & select your audio file (in supported format)>> add the audio to the timeline>> Sync the time of the added image and the audio track>>Produce selection as web. Your video for the audio file is ready.

4. Once video upload is done, wait for some time (Say 10 mins).

5. Now open your video in YouTube, click the CC icon adjacent to the setting icon.

As mp3 download

6. Click the More tab >> select Transcript. The transcript is shown under the video in the multi-line text box.

7. Copy the text and paste in notepad or word. Save text.

Bingo!Your text file is ready!

InqScribe is one of the most advanced audio/video to text transcriber that works like a word processor and insert texts with a single keystroke. InqScribe cannot create voice files for you. You can import and transcribe audio files, but it doesn’t come with any recording tools. The software supports multiple languages and is Unicode compliant. You can use InqScribe to transcribe a variety of audio and video files, but you can’t use the software as a conversion tool. It can also transcribe subtitled movies or videos and convert it easily. You can even insert time codes and use analysis codes with InqScribe. The tool is very flexible and user-friendly and avoids offering complex options like most transcription programs do.

HyperTRANSCRIBE is a powerful transcribing software that can convert audio/video files efficiently with easy keyboard controls. It supports automatic looping and instant keyboard commands that eases your fingers and makes transcribing dictation fun. The tool works with most media formats including MP3, AVI, MPEG, MOV and AIFF and any formats which are supported by Apple QuickTime. You can replay a media file or skip a particular section to maximize your typing and increase productivity. HyperTRANSCRIBE does not require foot pedals or any other equipment, rather provides you easy keyboard shortcuts and playing and typing both can be done from a single window.

Listen N Write is a “free transcription software” that includes no complex options and brings the simplest interface to make your job done. It appears in a simple media player window and lets you pause and skip/rewind media files and adjust playback speed to make typing comfortable and easier. The tool supports MP3 and WAV files and frees up computer space by generating the basic size for each output file. Listen N Write effectively works and provides all the options which are basically required for a transcription job or high school projects.

Express Scribe is a transcribing software that copies audio/video files faster and easier. It breaks media files into smaller parts and makes it easier for you to recognize and voice and memorize it with the help of cool keyboard shortcuts. The tool supports most media formats including WAV, MP3, AVI, MOV, DVD and WMA and saves the output file in RTF format. Express Scribe is ultimate for both individual projects as well as workgroup/industrial projects, so everyone can use it with ease because of its enhanced functionalities.

MAXQDA is a transcription software free and a powerful data analysis tool which has helped a number of researchers accomplish in their projects. The program consists of numerous analytical tools which can analyze an interview, audio/video files, images, and online surveys. It can also organize unstructured data and test theories and generate creative graphics and reports. MAXQDA consists of multimedia functionality and onboard tools which can analyze all types of media files. You can easily adapt the audio speed and adjust sound and use foot pedals to complete your transcription work quickly. Moreover, you can code, retrieve and assign media clips similarly as you do in other segments.

VoxSigma is an efficient voice dictation software that offers speech to text conversion in English and in multiple languages. VoxSigma can adapt speech of any tone or speed even if any guitar or piano music is playing in the background. This tool is specifically designed for professional transcribers who need to convert a large number of audio/video files into texts in real-time or in batch mode. The output text file is generated in XML sheet containing separate labels like speech and non-speech segments, words, speaker labels and time codes. VoxSigma is also available as a web service via REST API.

Enhilex Medical Transcription Software is a voice recognition software which is specifically developed for medical transcriptionists. The tool increases your productivity by maintaining patient’s and doctor’s names, medical abbreviations, medications and lab tests in its self-sorting folders. The tool provides unlimited words based on the medical industry and contains numerous folders. After copy-pasting the lists from Notepad or MS Word, it is automatically sorted.

Dragon Speech Recognition Software is a professional and affordable scribe software that generates accurate results with advanced customization and integration across different devices. This program is mainly used in large-scale industries and meeting and due to its powerful features and audio recognition techniques, it is used as a preferred voice recognition software. Dragon can recognize speech at any speed or volume and performs 3X faster in typing than any other software. It can be remotely used on any device as an app and define simple voice commands to shortcut repetitive processes and boost your productivity. The software ensures 100% accuracy and can be used for personal or business purposes.

MacSpeech Scribe is the best dictation software that relieves you from typing and creates documents automatically from audio files. Even you do not require rewinding, pausing or forwarding audio files and MacSpeech does everything for you with complete accuracy. MacSpeech supports Mac systems and although the software is not open source, still it is considered as one of the most advanced transcribing tools.

Express Scribe is a legal transcribe software for Mac and PC which is developed for music transcription with the help of foot pedals and hotkeys. The program is specifically designed for typists that offers variable speed playback, video playing, multi-channel control, file management and much more. Express Scribe supports MS Word processor and automatically loads files by FTP, email or over a local computer network.

Transcribing Audio files to Text files with 100% Accuracy is always a tedious Task. If you searching for FREE Software then it becomes more.. ha ha.

By the way, I have researched this Topic and get out the Free Ways through which you can convert Audio Files into Text Easily.

I Would like to cover All The FREE online tools alongwith A Awesome Software. So, There are 3 Different ways, Let’s See in Detail:

Way 1: Using YouTube [Completely FREE]

First Login to Google Account and open youtube from this account.

To Get Practical Tutorial & Pictorial Guide: Check Out All 3 Ways to Transcribe Audio Files to Text in FREE… Here!

Mp3mp3 music downloader

Take help of Tunes2Tube website to upload Audio File on Youtube.

Now Publish this Youtube Video and wait for 10–12 Minutes.

You will get Transcribed text in Subtitles. Save it.

This is fast, Accurate and completely Free Method for transcribing Audio files into Text. Whenever any video is uploaded on youtube, Youtube automatically generates its Subtitles or Closed Captions which you can see by just clicking on “CC” icon.

Way 2: Use Software “Dragon Naturally Speaking”

This tool has an exclusive option to Transcribe Recorded Audio To Text. As this is the Best Software through which you can get Instant Accurate Result. So Just Download this Tool and Easily Transcribe.

Run this Programm and On the Top you will get a ‘Dragon Bar’

On this Dragon Bar, you can see a “Transcribe” option, through which we will transcribe our audio file.

You can also open it, from the icon in “Tray Icon”, Right Click on it–> Go to Tools –> “Transcribe Recording”.

Way 3: Using FREE Online Tools

You can use many Online tools like:

SpeechTexter… and many more

This is all about I know. Refer this tools and If you face any problem, Ask in Comments.

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There are a number of automatic transcription platforms that come in handy when converting audio files to text files.

Scour the web and you’ll come across different audio transcription services such as Descript, Happyscribe, Temi, and Trint, to name a few. Most of these services offer free trials, so it basically boils down to choosing which software is the most reliable and what works best for you.

One of the factors to consider in choosing an automatic transcription service is its software features, and how efficiently they help you correct your transcript. You probably want to choose something with an easy to use built-in editor, so you can correct your transcript without having to switch to another tool.

It would also be helpful to have the option to play back audio at various speeds.

Some software also allow waveform editing wherein a visualized waveform of the audio is displayed.

Mp3 sites

It’s also extremely important to consider a tool’s accuracy. While we can all agree that human-powered transcription is still the most accurate to date, frankly, it costs time and money.

The next best thing is to find an automatic transcription tool with a high accuracy rating.

Compared to other audio transcription services mentioned earlier, Descript is the most accurate. Here’s an article where we tested this. (Full disclosure: I work at Descript)

Machine transcriptions aren't perfect, but software that can produce transcripts with minimal errors is extremely beneficial.

Lastly, consider the tool’s speed. The most likely reason why you’re considering an automatic transcription service is because you want faster results.

Automated transcriptions are much faster than manual transcriptions, with audio files converting into text within minutes. The exact speed, of course, varies from service to service.

Various speed tests have been done comparing different automatic transcription services, but it would be best to test them out using your own audio file. This will also help you get a sense for how to work with each app and you can figure out which one you like best.

These points should help you choose an automatic transcription service that works for you.

There are couple of apps available online to transcribe freely. However, the accuracy depends on the accent and the rate of speech. In case if there is two voices in an audio, you will find lot of errors or wrong words captured by the software. You may try any one of the following:

oTranscribe is one of the software useful for for journalists, academics and anyone else.

Transcriberhelps to transcribe most common audio formats.

InqScribeis one of the audio/video to text transcriber that works like a word processor and insert texts with a single keystroke.

HyperTRANSCRIBEhelps one to convert audio to text from MP3, AVI, MPEG, MOV and AIFF formats.

Dragon Speech Recognition Softwareis a professional software that generates accurate results and integration across different devices.

In case if you are looking for manual audio transcription services with highest accuracy, request you to contact us. Our prices are very affordable and quick to meet your project.

We are a professional interview and academic transcription services company with a multi-lingual team that has a solid history of producing accurate copy.

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