Pink floyd mp3 free download. Free Music Downloading Sites: Top Legal Websites to Download MP3 Songs

Free Music Downloading Sites To Download MP3 Songs: Here we are, with the countdown of best options available online where you can download and listen to your favorite music for free! Be it Hindi mp3 songs or English or in any other language. Mp3 songs free download websites.

Free Music Downloading Sites To Download MP3 Songs

Amazon Music (MP3)

Amazon offers a ton of free MP3 music for download in its respective section. It is being updated from time to time, as they do for books. The collection of Amazon is pretty amazing and it featurs new releases from a lot of big-name artists. You can find music genre from classical to meditation, workout, focus-oriented, etc.

Amazon Prime account comes bundled with it. It’s a good streaming service in case if you are looking to upgrade. You can download and take them anywhere irrespective of the downloading device or OS platform. This online retailer has now everything.

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Audio Archive

The forte of this place is its variety. You will find whatever you are searching for out here. In its 2 million plus counting worth of library. Be it your folk likes or the cutting edge latest hard rock, you get it all here. Along with that, you may also browse through Audio Archive large collection of news and public affairs, radio shows, book, and poetry readings and live music recordings.


It also has a free music download collection, but no every song is free to download. You will need to find them. SC is more of a free streaming service, but lots of artists allow free downloads as well. If you find what you are looking for, it’s yours then.

Only a few of them offers this facility and many larger artists only stream as they are prohibited from sharing songs for free. It’s due to their contracts and all. To tackle the situation, there have been many workaround apps, but Sound Cloud doesn’t authorize those apps.

Download music free online

There isn’t a dedicated free music downloading section. So, happy exploring!


The whole organization part of its library along with its awesome user-friendly search mechanism was enough to make sure that PureVolume does get a decent ranking in our countdown. Its search, algorithm where you can search according to a year of release, artists, genre, type, albums and much more, is surely commendable.

Even though the downside is that not all the music is downloadable, you can listen to your tunes on its colorful looking ecstatic music player even on a very slow internet connection. It’s worth a try!

Free Music Downloading Sites To Download MP3 Songs


Noise Trade is like a social network for music lovers and book enthusiasts. Thousands of great artists are allowed to upload their songs for free. But, it’s a part free music download site, and part promotion platform. The users can also download any individual track or album an independent artist uploads in exchange of their email addresses and postal codes.

Also, it encourages users to spread the word of artists’ names on Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can tip the artist a few bucks if you like their creation. The UI is absolutely clean and easy, allowing users to effortlessly browse artists or search songs. Just create a free account and you are good to go.

Video to mp3 converter


A single look at this site and you are bound to fall for its awesome user interface and a plethora of features it provides along with high-quality music streamed to you even at slow connections. It’s one of the best free music download sites.

Another thing to note down is that BeSonic features music charts so you can quickly see what’s popular in your chosen genre. Also, its search mechanism is good enough to land you exactly where you want to.

It’s an internet radio service that has an amazing collection of tracks. This service offers free MP3 song downloads for its users as well. However, the collection is not as vast as you might expect. But, you will be able to find some hidden gems for sure. You don’t need an account to download free mp3 songs. Just hit the download button and the downloading will start. is also available as an app for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.


This website boasts a library of more than 470,000 tracks for you to download for free. And the good news is that most of its contents are covered by the Creative Commons license, which makes sure that you are not a part of internet piracy, which you are bound to do if you are searching for your favorite music through different illegal sources.

The Jamendo service also gives you the opportunity to review, share, and even make a donation to the artist if you like what you hear. It gets into the list of best free music download sites.

SoundClick – Free Music Download Sites

And finally, here we are with our top editors choice- SoundClick. With its stats going as far as 1996, it probably is the oldest music store online. The very fact that it has survived a good lot of two decades of competition, and is still going strong, is enough to explain why it is top notch in our ranking. It has over 5 million full-length tracks available to listen to.

Mp3 download

Along with music, you also get the option to hear in your favorite FM station online. Also, these guys have a patch up with Analog Hole, courtesy which you can save audio streams from the internet for listening later. It allows the free mp3 download.

Hope, you got the list of best free music downloading sites to download mp3 songs. So, happy listening to your favorite free Hindi mp3 songs, Bollywood, English, etc.

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