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Delete Duplicate MP3s with Easy Duplicate Finder™

Are you sure that your computer doesn't have any duplicate music files? You may not realize how many duplicate mp3s you have until you set your player to shuffle tracks. That's when you start getting the same song playing over and over again. The only way to solve this problem is to find and delete duplicate mp3s from your computer, smartphone or media player. Music mp3 music.

Easy Duplicate Finder™ will help you find and delete duplicate mp3s and other music files from your PC or Mac in just a few clicks. It can also scan your phone or mp3 player as long as you connect it via USB and it gets a drive letter assigned to it. When your device is connected, add its music folder to the "Include to Scan" zone and follow the prompts.

With Easy Duplicate Finder™ you can organize your music library the easy way - it only takes a couple of clicks. The program will free up gigabytes of disk space on your computer or mobile device and make room for more music.

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To start scanning your computer for duplicate music, click on the “File Types” button and choose ‘Music Files’, then run a scan. This will ensure that Easy Duplicate Finder™ only scans music files and doesn't waste time on other file types.

Once the scan is complete, you will be able to review the scan results and delete, move or rename duplicate mp3s in just a couple of clicks. Before you start deleting files, make use of the Preview feature to listen to the tracks and make sure you don't delete anything by accident.

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