Download mo3 music. Song Director Free Music Player Database Software Catalogs Organizes Your Music

Free Music Player Database Software Catalogs & Organizes Your Music

What is Song Director?

Main Grid screen shows ease of use – Click the image for a larger view Be free mp3 download.

Song Director is a way to easily organize all your music and audio files on your computer and find, edit and play them in one place for free.

Note: If you get a Virus warning trying to download and install, follow instructions on the download page

It automatically scans your computer looking for music/audio files (MP3, M4a/AAC, iTunes, WMA, WAV, OGG and FLAC files) and builds a searchable database of all your music. Once this database is built, you can quickly and easily play songs, build playlists, sort by artist, song title, genre, year, etc., and easily view all your music. Song Director is capable of having a virtually unlimited amount of music files in it’s database, having been tested successfully with over 200,000 music files.

Locating a song or artist cannot be easier. Simply type the first few characters of a song or artist name. More advanced search methods can also be used. Easily select songs and build playlists. Quickly limit the records displayed using any criteria.

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Type the first few letters of a song title and immediately jump to that song. Type the first few letters of an artist name and jump to songs by that artist. Can’t remember the exact song name? Just search for any letters in the title and see all songs that match. Sort on 23 different fields. There is no faster way to locate, search, and organize large amounts of audio files.

Copy, Rename or Move music files easily

Listening to a song by a certain artist and want to see all music on your computer by that artist? Easy; press one button! Want to see all songs in a certain music genre? Easy! Want to see all songs on an album? Press another button. Once viewing a filtered list of songs, you can build a playlist of those songs with just one click, or export them to another player or storage device. Rename a file or move it to a different folder without having to search for it in File Explorer.

View information about Songs

Want to read the lyrics while the song is being played? – press a button. Want information about the song, band, composer, album art, cover versions? – press a button. Want to write notes, include pictures and personal information about your songs and audio files? – Easy!

Song Director is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

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For a more detailed explanation of what Song Director can do, please visit the Help Menu.

Song Director is FREE to use forever. It will find, catalog and organize all your music files, build and export playlists, and quickly locate and play any song or audio file you want. Full featured, no ads, no time limit, no nagging and no restrictions other than stopping play at the end of each song. I’m hoping you’ll pay a little to remove this minor limitation, support my work, and receive good karma.

Song Director is MUCH easier to use and understand than iTunes, Windows Media Player, Groove or any other media player/organizer. It organizes your music in an extremely simple and intuitive manner, yet still unleashes the full power of a modern database system.

Download Song Director now! FREE!

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