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You can directly download the songs on your iPhone without using your PC. Download music off the internet.

Here are some easy methods below, you can follow:

Search for “DOCUMENTS” app.

Once the app is download, open it and go to blue “Browser ” button in the bottom right corner. You can now normally browse the web.

Search for the “song” or directly paste the link of the song in the URL bar at the top.

Once the site is open, hold on for a second or two on the song link.

Now a menu will appear from sliding down to up at the bottom.

Click “Download Link” and your song will be downloaded.

Follow the steps from 1–3 same as in Method-1. After that:

Paste the link of the song in the search bar.

Mp3 download mp3 download mp3 download

Look down, a menu will appear saying “Download Mp3”.

Hold on for a second or two on the link.

Now a menu will appear from sliding down to up at the bottom.

Click “Download Link” and your song will be downloaded.

Which method you use, make sure to check the “DOWNLOADS” folder within the app. Because they are save there.

Now in the folder, you will see 3 Dotted Lines

Click on that and you will see the menu below.

Wollaaaa… The Song file is directly save into your Phone Gallery!

You can use the above methods to download any file and save it to your iPhone gallery directly! [1]

Free mp3 music files

You can use any Downloader from the Appstore to download songs from the internet.

All downloaders have a file manager of their own, so you can easily browse and listen to your songs. All downloaders may or may not have an inbuilt Audio/Video Player.

IDownloader is a good downloader with all these features.

Also if you want to enjoy sharing and recieving songs from Android devices too, you can use a combination of downloader and ShareIt library.

You can easily tranfer file from your downloader to ShareIt after the download completes so you have a complete library ready in your ShareIt files. This way when you recieve songs from another phone through ShareIt you can directly use it in the same library and also send your songs to others (which isnt possible in the usual app).

ShareIt also has an amazing Music Player inbuilt with features to make playlists too.

Downloader+ShareIt Combo is pretty awesome.

Well you can download songs from the iTunes Store,you need to pay few amount however you can enjoy songs through a many other ways

•••If you have a laptop (Windows OS) then install iTunes for free from the using a usb cable connect the iPhone to laptop and using iTunes on the computer first search your device.Then,choose songs which you want to send then choose backup into may take a couple of minutes…and then you can see your songs in the music app on iphone


——You can first download the songs you want on laptop then follow this procedure

~~~~~~~~By the way using this technique you can easily set the songs as ringtone or as alarm tones also

Yes we all knows iphone has many restriction.we can not download songs directly in an iphone.We have to use itunes in our laptop to synchronise music in iphone.

Alternatively we can use apps like saavan, gaana,spootify etc.

But there is a way by which you can download songs in iphone. Use saavan pro app for free and download unlimited songs.

Follow the steps as describe in this video:

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