Where to download mp3. 6 Ways to Download YouTube to Your PC

Download YouTube Videos to Your PC

YouTube has always been the best website for hunting funny things and sharing interesting findings, for it offers endless supply of excellent videos from an online community where all sorts of people can show off their creativity skills and talents, upload the record of great shows, movies and events. Music video downloader.

You may want to download the YouTube video off the internet, but get confused in a sea of YouTube downloaders. If you happen to be one of the Windows user and wanting a way for doing the job, you can refer to this article which gives you several easy ways to download YouTube video to your computer or laptop.

Here we will also introduce you a free YouTube downloader, YouTube to mp3 extractor, YouTube to PC downloader. You can just download and have a try.

If you are running Mac system, and you want to download YouTube video to your Mac, please download and install Any Video Converter Ultimate for Mac and refer to 6 Different Ways to Download Videos from YouTube to your Mac. Besides, it also features the functions as Video Converter, DVD Ripper, DVD Creator, YouTube Downloader, Screen Recorder, iPod Manager, Video Editor and Audio Extractor.

Download YouTube via Website with Java:

is one of the most popular websites for downloading YouTube. And the website method is rather simple. You just need to open website then copy and paste URL to the tab then hit download inside. But this kind of website is Java required which means you need to install the Java plugins to your browser before being capable of downloading.

Download YouTube with your Browser:

Add-ons are needed. Click Tools on the menu bar -> Add-ons, and search and install plugin DownloadHelper or NetVideoHunter, then restart your Firefox. Every time you play a video or listen to music, the icon of DownloadHelper spins, while the icon of NetVideoHunter flickers.

The add-ons do not need to wait for the video processing, however, time is limited for each downloaded video to around 8 minutes. In other words, a 16-minute video needs to click the add-on twice.

A plugin from Chrome Web Store is needed. Click Window on the menu bar -> Chrome Web Store, and search for Ultimate YouTube Downloader.

After downloading it, the video downloading experience would be very easy. You could download YouTube and other video sites with the single click of the Download button under the video. You can even choose to download the MP4 version or the FLV version. Additionally, you can choose the video quality (720p HD, 480p, 360p, 240p).

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After opening the URL, pause the video when it starts to play for seconds, and wait for the video to fill the grey progress bar. Then click Window on the menu bar -> Activity, and find the line that represents your video, double click it and the download will begin.

With this method, you do not need any downloader or software, but have to wait for the videos being complete processed.

Download YouTube with Media Player:

VLC media player can also download YouTube off the internet to your PC. but here, you may still need to use your browser.

Step 1: Open “VLC” and go to MEDIA tab click on “open Network Stream” or press “CTRL+N”.

Step 3: Go to Tools and click on “Media Information” or press “CTRL+I”, YouTube videos will start to play in VLC media player.

Step 4: While playing YouTube video in VLC media player. Go to Tools> Media Information. This will open Media information window.

Step 5: Copy the location of video shown at the bottom of the media information tab.

Step 6: Open any browser preferably Google chrome and paste the location of video copied from earlier step in address bar. This will open that particular YouTube in your browser.

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Step 7: Right click on video and select Save Video as option to save YouTube video at desired location. In other browsers except Google chrome, you need to add file extension like mp4, flv, mpeg after file name while saving YouTube video.

Best Software for YouTube downloading:

There are three different products under Any Video Converter series: Any Video Converter Free, Any Video Converter Pro, and Any Video Converter Ultimate. With Any Video Converter Freeware, you can download youtube video for free. While Pro. and Ultimate allow you to download online video from many other websites, such as vimeo, vevo, dailymotion, break, nicovideo and more. Moreover, you can also edit and convert the downloaded videos into compatible formats (even extract audio from YouTube video) for PMPs, tablets, smartphones.

How to download YouTube with Any Video Converter:

Step 2: Launch the program; click Add URLs to prompt the download window;

Step 3: Copy and paste the URL to blank area in the window;

Step 4: Hit “Start Downloading” to download videos.

If you want to download YouTube videos to your Mac, please get Mac version of Any Video Converter Ultimate from here and refer to 6 Different Ways to Download Videos from YouTube to your Mac.


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