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youtube-dl is a great tool for downloading YouTube videos. Install it using this command: Music video downloader.

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

For learning more about advance options, run

For Firefox users:

You can install the Video DownloadHelper addon in Firefox and download any embedded object, including YouTube videos.

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

sudo pip install youtube-dl

to install command line mode downloader for YouTube.

youtube-dl YouTube-(or-other-website)-video-link

so it will download the video.

You can also take a look at this for very in-depth documentation on how to use it.

Minitube is a YouTube desktop application. With it you can watch YouTube videos in a new way: you type a keyword, Minitube gives you an endless video stream. Minitube is not about cloning the original YouTube web interface, it aims to create a new TV-like experience.

It does not require Flash Player. From this application you can watch and download videos.

Other sites that can be used:

And this software is also great:

I think that the simplest way to download a video from YouTube, without installing any plugin or software, is with And here is the video demonstrating How to download YouTube videos using the ss trick. Let's say you want to download the below video:

Now you will be redirected to On your right, click on the video quality you want to download.

We are able to download free content from YouTube or other streaming sites with this easy-to-use command-line tool.

cclive is primarily a "video download tool" but it can also be used along side with video player software, like "mplayer", for viewing streamed videos instead of the Adobe flash player.

To download a video from a given location (on YouTube press the "Share" button to get the URL to a video). Copy this link and issue clive from a terminal with e.g. the following command:

cclive -s best

There are plenty of other options to control download behaviour including options to choose the download format that are all nicely documented in the manpage. We can also queue a list of URLs from a file.

(Changed -f to -s; -f is deprecated).

sudo apt-get install wget

#!/usr/bin/perl -T use strict; use warnings; # ##,:, Download YouTube videos and music using wget ## Script Name: ## Version: 0.38 ## Valid from: March 2014 ## URL Page: ## OS Support: Linux, Mac OSX, OpenBSD, FreeBSD or any system with perl # `:` ## Two arguments ## $1 YouTube URL from the browser ## $2 Prefix to the file name of the video (optional) # ############ options ########################################## # Option: what file type do you want to download? The string is used to search # in the YouTube URL so you can choose mp4, webm, avi or flv. mp4 seems to # work on the most players like Android, iPod, iPad, iPhones, VLC media player # and MPlayer. my $fileType = "mp4"; # Option: what visual resolution or quality do you want to download? List # multiple values just in case the highest quality video is not available, the # script will look for the next resolution. You can choose "highres" for 4k, # "hd1080" for 1080p, "hd720" for 720p, "itag=18" which means standard # definition 640x380 and "itag=17" which is mobile resolution 144p (176x144). # The script will always prefer to download the highest resolution video format # from the list if available. my $resolution = "hd720,itag=18"; # Option: How many times should the script retry the download if wget fails for # any reason? Do not make this too high as a reoccurring error will just hit # YouTube over and over again. my $retryTimes = 5; # Option: do you want the resolution of the video in the file name? zero(0) is # no and one(1) is yes. This option simply puts "_hd1080.mp4" or similar at the # end of the file name. my $resolutionFilename = 0; # Option: turn on DEBUG mode. Use this to reverse engineering this code if you are # making changes or you are building your own YouTube download script. my $DEBUG=0; ################################################################# ## Initialize retry loop and resolution variables $ENV{PATH} = "/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin"; my $prefix = ""; my $retry = 1; my $retryCounter = 0; my $resFile = "unknown"; my $user_url = ""; my $user_prefix = ""; ## Collect the URL from the command line argument chomp($user_url = $ARGV[0]); my $url = "$1" if ($user_url =~ m/^([a-zA-Z0-9\_\-\&\?\=\:\.\/]+)$/ or die "\nError: Illegal characters in YouTube URL\n\n" ); ## Declare the user defined file name prefix if specified if (defined($ARGV[1])) { chomp($user_prefix = $ARGV[1]); $prefix = "$1" if ($user_prefix =~ m/^([a-zA-Z0-9\_\-\.\ ]+)$/ or die "\nError: Illegal characters in filename prefix\n\n" ); } ## Retry getting the video if the script fails for any reason while ( $retry!= 0 && $retryCounter < $retryTimes ) { ## Download the html code from the YouTube page suppling the page title and the ## video URL. The page title will be used for the local video file name and the ## URL will be sanitized and passed to wget for the download. my $html = `wget -4Ncq -e convert-links=off --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies /dev/null --no-check-certificate "$url" -O-` or die "\nThere was a problem downloading the HTML file.\n\n"; ## Format the title of the page to use as the file name my ($title) = $html =~ m/<title>(.+)<\/title>/si; $title =~ s/[^\w\d]+/_/g or die "\nError: we could not find the title of the HTML page. Check the URL.\n\n"; $title =~ s/_youtube//ig; $title =~ s/^_//ig; $title = lc ($title); $title =~ s/_amp//ig; ## Collect the URL of the video from the HTML page my ($download) = $html =~ /"url_encoded_fmt_stream_map"(.*)/ig; # Print all of the separated strings in the HTML page print "\n$download\n\n" if ($DEBUG == 1); # This is where we look through the HTMl code and select the file type and # video quality. my @urls = split(',', $download); OUTERLOOP: foreach my $val (@urls) { # print "\n$val\n\n"; if ($val =~ /$fileType/) { my @res = split(',', $resolution); foreach my $ress (@res) { if ($val =~ /$ress/) { print "\n\nGOOD\n\n" if ($DEBUG == 1); print "$val\n" if ($DEBUG == 1); $resFile = $ress; $resFile = "sd640" if ( $ress =~ /itag=18/ ); $resFile = "mobil176" if ( $ress =~ /itag=17/ ); $download = $val; last OUTERLOOP; } } } } ## Clean up the URL by translating unicode and removing unwanted strings $download =~ s/\:\ \"//; $download =~ s/%3A/:/g; $download =~ s/%2F/\//g; $download =~ s/%3F/\?/g; $download =~ s/%3D/\=/g; $download =~ s/%252C/%2C/g; $download =~ s/%26/\&/g; $download =~ s/sig=/signature=/g; $download =~ s/\\u0026/\&/g; $download =~ s/(type=[^&]+)//g; $download =~ s/(fallback_host=[^&]+)//g; $download =~ s/(quality=[^&]+)//g; ## Clean up the URL my ($youtubeurl) = $download =~ /(http?:.+)/; ## URL title additon my ($titleurl) = $html =~ m/<title>(.+)<\/title>/si; $titleurl =~ s/ - YouTube//ig; $titleurl =~ s/ /%20/ig; ## Combine the YouTube URL and title string $download = "$youtubeurl\&title=$titleurl"; ## A bit more cleanup as YouTube $download =~ s/&+/&/g; $download =~ s/&itag=\d+&signature=/&signature=/g; ## Combine file variables into the full file name my $filename = "unknown"; if ($resolutionFilename == 1) { $filename = "$prefix$title\_$resFile.$fileType"; } else { $filename = "$prefix$title.$fileType"; } ## Process check: Are we currently downloading this exact same video? Two of the ## same wget processes will overwrite themselves and corrupt the video. my $running = `ps auwww | grep [w]get | grep -c "$filename"`; print "\nNumber of the same wgets running: $running\n" if ($DEBUG == 1); if ($running >= 1) { print "\nAlready $running process, exiting." if ($DEBUG == 1); exit 0; }; ## Print the long, sanitized YouTube URL for testing and debugging print "\n$download\n" if ($DEBUG == 1); ## Print the file name of the video collected from the web page title for us to see on the cli print "\n Download: $filename\n\n"; ## Background the script. Use "ps" if you need to look for the process ## running or use "ls -al" to look at the file size and date. fork and exit; ## Download the video system("wget", "-4Ncq", "-e", "convert-links=off", "--load-cookies", "/dev/null", "--tries=10", "--timeout=20", "--no-check-certificate", "$download", "-O", "$filename"); ## Print the error code of wget print " error code: $?\n" if ($DEBUG == 1); ## Exit Status: Check if the file exists and we received the correct error code ## from system call. If the download experienced any problems the script will run again and try ## continue the download till the file is downloaded. if ($? == 0 && -e "$filename" &&! -z "$filename") { print " Finished: $filename\n\n" if ($DEBUG == 1); $retry = 0; } else { print STDERR "\n FAILED: $filename\n\n" if ($DEBUG == 1); $retry = 1; $retryCounter++; sleep $retryCounter; } } # while #### EOF #####

Copy this script to a.txt file and rename it

Make it executable, using the following command:

When you want to download in the terminal, type:

Free mp3 co

Change the YouTube URL to your YouTube video URL.

Save Location: The video will be saved in your current directory.

For Firefox users:

As my answer to that question is probably more valid here, I'll present it here for convenience.

, which is an addon for Firefox that I have found extremely useful for downloading videos from YouTube and other sites. (You still require the flash-plugin in your browser, however, for the video to be detected by

from the official Mozilla addons site and restart Firefox. Make sure that the addon is enabled; check by going to menu ToolsAddonsExtensions. From the

entry in the extensions tab you can also set a number of preferences.

Navigate to your YouTube video and set the quality in the YouTube video settings and start the video playing for a few seconds and then pause it.

Right click in the YouTube page and select

; there probably will be more than one video; either simply download them both or choose the larger file size (which will be the higher quality video). You can either use your browser's download manager or another program set via the

4kdownloader! Other than downloading videos from URLs, it can also download entire playlists, and also convert them to MP3 or other formats if required.

I am using it for long time, it's simple and easy to use, and it has a GUI interface for Ubuntu.

The bytubed is no longer maintained. So the new solution is going with the famous, but command-line youtube-dl. It's regularly maintained and runs fine.

And to download a video or playlist

And if there is a file with URLs then

Old answer

I know it is answered, but I'm shocked that none explicitly mentioned Bytubed. It's simply the best to me when it comes to YouTube download. Just do install it and then go to Firefox's menu ToolsBytubed.

The only downside is it works with Firefox only, but to me it's not a downside since I use Firefox for all my browsing...

Recommended way (latest version):

with this command (you'll be prompted for your password):

sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl && sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

Not recommended way (older version):

with this command (you'll be prompted for your password):

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

To select where to save the video, you can follow these steps:

Drag the folder from File Manager and drop it on the terminal.

If you skip this step, the video will be saved on your home folder.

How do you do mp3 free download

To download the video you can use one of these procedures:

2.2. If do you want to download many videos, you can follow these steps instead of 2.1:

Repeat the following procedure for each link:

2.3. If do you have a plain text file with a list of links, you can download them this way:

Drag the file form the File Manager and drop it on the terminal.

Now the video/s will download to the selected folder.

On the method 2.3 the final command should look like this:

cat '/home/foo/Desktop/myawesomevideos.txt' | xargs youtube-dl

You can also use the URL of a channel and

will save the entire channel.

You can see all the options of

To install the program youtube-dl, type the following commands in your terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip $ sudo pip install --upgrade youtube_dl

To download YouTube videos from the terminal, use:

To see different quality and formats available use

. Then use the format code which will be shown after using option -F, to download it in the desired format.

$ youtube-dl -citw <playlist_url>

$ youtube-dl -citw ytuser:<channel_name>

There are so many ways of downloading YouTube videos.


as my application of choice for getting videos from YouTube. It's a real simple approach. Find the video by keyword, then download it.

Command Line:

If you feel comfortable with the command line interface (or CLI as it is known) through your terminal application, try the


Websites like MediaConvertor or Vixy Freecoder can do this without the need of installing extensions for Firefox or Chrome/Chromium or native applications.

These 2 websites allows you to download in different formats. Both audio and Video formats. You plug in the link to the video on their site and wait for the conversion to complete and then you get the link for the download.

The bonus to the sites is that they are cross-platform much like the extensions approach. But if you want to free your browser from the clutter of extra things, then try the sites or the other suggestions others have mentioned.

Those answers are too complex, so I'm going to help you without installing anything.

Next, enter the YouTube URL in the first box. For example, I'm going to use a Ubuntu YouTube link.

Free mp3 downloads free music

Now, once you pressed Continue, this will pop up.

At the Detected Media tab, you can choose the quality of your video.

Each type of quality takes up memory and downloading time depending on your internet. Just mess around and see what you like.

Now, at the File Name tab, you can change the name of the video when you download it. This is completely optional as you can change the name of it using the rename tab when you right click on it.

Next, you can change the type of video you want. For example, you want it to go on your iPod, you can easily change it to MP3.

I would highly recommend using MP4 as its most commonly used.

Finally, you can now press the Start! button to start the download!

Google Chrome does not support YouTube downloading extensions by default.

But fortunately we can install Google Chrome Extensions manually and that is how you are going to install third-party extensions like SaveForm to Chrome and you would be able to download any video on YouTube (and many other sites) by clicking on Download button, just below the video.

This extension works on Opera Next, Firefox and Safari browsers as well. And they all works like charm on latest Ubuntu operating system.

YouTube Downloader is also proprietary but not free. You can grab a free trial version from the homepage. Not available in the USC.

There's also YouTube to MP3 converter which has the same featureset as YouTube to mp3 but supports a few more websites. This one is also free.

YouTube Center is an open-source extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other browsers that enhances YouTube with a lot of added features. Among those features is the ability to directly download YouTube videos in a variety of different formats:

I always recommend installing the developer version of the extension as it comes with the latest bug fixes and new features.

You should try clipgrab. Other than the fact that you can't download videos with more than 1080p quality is a nice quick GUI for YouTube download.

This is the 64 version and the 32 version. Just download and install from Ubuntu Software Center.

Then you straight up download videos. If you want the other available formats (*.mp3 and more 'someone said it's useful') you are going to need FFmpeg and libavcodec-extra-53.

$ sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-53 $ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

There is an wonderful application from SM Team Called SmTube.

You can install SmTube by:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rvm/smplayer sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install smtube

Search any video (the video you want to download) and then right click on video and click on 'Record Video'.

From setting you can adjust the quality of video and destination of the video to save:

Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged software-recommendation or ask your own question.

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