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What’s the website that you use to download music and what’s the app that you use to download music? Everyone has different choice and we’re going to share with some sites and apps that we find can be the best music downloader apps and sites. Best free music download sites.

How we have tested these sites and apps and what made these music download tools get a place on this list?

We know there are truly numerous sites to download music but we looked for something that can give some unique as well mainstream copyrighted music, based on this condition we decided which music download site and app we should consider.

Later on we tested the quality of those sites, the music quality and the features they are giving. How easy it is to download songs was also one of the important things to look for while creating this list and that’s what we did.

Best Free Music Download Sites and Apps

This free music download website fulfils and passes all the tests that we conducted. Downloading music is easy, the quality of music is also good since it fetches music from sites like YouTube and SoundCloud.

M3p free download

You also get the feature to save it on cloud storage and share it directly on social media. Fetching a song takes less than 5 seconds which is good.

It’s an app for android phone which is somewhat like MP3 juice website. It also fetches music from YouTube. He things we liked about this music downloader app is that it fetches the music within 2 seconds and the download speed was the highest using this app.

However, you might want to try downloading twice since the first time it shows a little error on screen, in that case just press back and click on download again.

Enter the song name and it’s yours.

Free mpe music downloader

Another app like beatzflare, it is very old and has been satisfying its users since years. The plus point of this music downloader is that despite fetching songs from YouTube, it gives you options to choose the download quality, there is no default quality but the highest quality will depend initially on the YouTube video.

Apart from music, you can also download YouTube videos also using this app.

A worth trying music download app.

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