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Welcome to the Worship Deeper Song Portal.

Here you will find free, downloadable worship MP3s and song sheets that you can use in your church. Free mp3 songs free download.

As I share my favorites songs via Worship Song of the Week, I’m often asked if I can send song sheets or MP3s. But due to copyright laws, I’m not permitted to send any resources except the YouTube video.

Now, I’m actively searching for worship musicians who would like to submit their songs for free use in churches around the world.

The library is small so far, but will grow as I get more submissions. Enjoy!

Let Every Nation

This is a song I wrote many years ago. It’s a fast worship song that is based on Psalm 86:9 and Psalm 102:18, and Revelation 7:9. Every nation will bow before Jesus, and we are to proclaim God’s message to this and future generations.

Music video

Broken Cup

A worship song that talks about being filled with Christ even if you’re broken. Song appears courtesy of Fastback Studios in Seattle, Washington.

Sweetness of Perfume

This is a slow and powerful song that asks God to make our lives pleasant to Him as we spend time getting to know and love Him.

Our God is Good to Us

This is a haunting and powerful song submitted by Michael Wright who is a worship director in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nothing Is Impossible

This is a powerful song submitted by a member of the Worship Deeper community, Patricia Hadley. In her own words, “One amazing church service helped land this chorus in my heart, and when I shared it with the congregation, we sang together with faith rising higher and higher. Two years later I’ve finally finished and recorded it. I’ve gone from a position of faith to seeing first hand, the impossible become possible. And I’ve also been in the position of when you’re still contending, waiting for breakthrough to happen on earth. This is where we are covered, completely under His loving wings: seen, heard, comforted until we see Heaven come.” Visit Patricia’s YouTube channel.

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The World To You

Take a listen to this song with a surprising twist at the end. Song originally appeared on Worship Interactive Volume I, recorded and mixed at Fastback Studios in Seattle, Washington.


This song was submitted by Sierra of Generation, Sing! It’s an up-tempo song. Feel free to listen, download, and use in your church. For more Generation, Sing! songs, see their YouTube channel.

Psalm 27

Here’s another one submitted by Michael Wright from South Africa. Michael says, “Psalm 27’s words are taken verbatim out the ESV translation as part of a verses project we did as a church.” Enjoy.

Purify My Heart

This is a mid-tempo to upbeat tune by Michael Wright from South Africa. This is definitely worth checking out since it would be easy for church congregations to pick up the tune and lyrics and start singing immediately.

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