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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I disconnect my YouTube account from TunesToTube? Mp3 mp3 song download.

There should be no need to do this, but if you do wish to, you can revoke access by going to and click the "Authorised sites to your Brand Account" link.

Is it possible to upload videos without the "Uploaded in HD @" watermark?

Yes, you can choose to upgrade which will give you access to these extra features:

Increased Daily Upload Quota

Larger Google Drive™ file transfers - transfer up to 250MB files from Drive

Remove the watermark - the "Uploaded in HD @" watermark is removed by default

No more reCAPTCHA - the CAPTCHA is removed, making uploads easier and faster

Silence Padding - Add between 1 and 180 seconds of silence to the end of videos - useful if YouTube is cutting them short.

Save description and tags - so you don't have to copy them in every time

Save default button states - Live / Private, tick-boxes, etc. on the upload form

Use ID3 Tags - Extract ID3 information from MP3s and dynamically insert into Title, Description and Tags

Save a background image - so you don't have to re-upload for your next video

Upload files via a URL (up to 250MB) - a quicker and easier method if you have a large MP3 hosted on your Website, DropBox®, Google Drive™ etc.

Simultaneous Channel Uploads - upload a video to 2 YouTube channels at the same time (**both accounts need to have upgraded).

Scheduled Uploads - specify a date and time up to 14 days in the future for your upload.

Batch Upload Mode - process 50 MP3s (and 1 background Image) all at once.

SoundCloud® uploads - send your MP3 and image to SoundCloud at the same time as the YouTube upload.

SoundCloud® direct downloads - see all of your recently uploaded SoundCloud MP3s on the upload page and transfer them quickly to the upload queue.

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Custom Watermarks - Use your own watermark on videos - it will show in the bottom left corner of the video and overlayed on the background. Transparent PNG files can be used.

Embed Template - Save a custom code template for embedding in to blogs, websites etc

Twitter integration - Tweet about your latest upload and include a 30 second video clip

The video has been uploaded to my YouTube account, but I can't find it.

You will have been given a link when the upload was complete - if you didn't take a note of it, you are able to see all of your videos by going to You will need to make sure you are logged in to the same YouTube account you used with TunesToTube

How long does it take to process and index my video?

In short, it can vary depending on video length and how busy the YouTube servers are - this is taken directly from the YouTube support pages:

"An uploaded video will immediately be visible in an authenticated user's uploaded videos feed. However, the video will not be visible on YouTube until it has been processed and indexed. The length of time between when the video is uploaded and when the video is publicly visible on YouTube varies. However, videos are usually indexed within one day and may be indexed in several hours or even less than an hour."

What is the 'Connect With Soundcloud' feature?

If you have upgraded, and have a Soundcloud account, you can connect TunesToTube to it so you can upload the mp3 to Soundcloud at the same time as the video is uploaded to YouTube.

When your account is connected, you will see a 'Send to Soundcloud' tick-box on the main upload page. You can also transfer MP3 files directly from SoundCloud to the upload queue if you have someting uploaded there but not on YouTube.

Why am I getting the "Low sample rate detected" message?

You get this message because the site cannot use your MP3 to make a video. The program that the site uses (FFMPEG) does not support sample rates of less than ~16000hz.

You will need to follow the instructions below to re-encode your mp3 so the sample rate is higher (44100hz is best):

Click File> Open - find the mp3 file you need to re-encode and click 'Open. The file should now be open in Audacity.

Look for the 'Project Rate (Hz)' setting in the bottom-left corner and set to 44100

Select 'MP3' from the 'Save as Type' drop-down menu. If this is the first time you have used Audacity to export an mp3, you will need to follow the LAME Installation instructions (below).

Click 'Options' and select a bitrate - 320kbps is the best quality (but also largest)

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Under "For Audacity on Windows", left-click the link "Lame v3.99.3 for Windows.exe" and save the file anywhere on your computer. Do not right-click the link to the.exe file.

Double-click "Lame v3.99.3 for Windows.exe" to launch it (you can safely ignore any warnings that the "publisher could not be verified").

Follow the "Setup" instructions to install LAME for Audacity. Do not change the offered destination location of "C:\Program Files\Lame for Audacity".

The first time you use the "Export as MP3" command, Audacity will ask for the location of "lame_enc.dll". Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Lame for Audacity", select "lame_enc.dll", then click "Open" and "OK".

Why have the last few seconds been cut off my video?

YouTube sometimes does not play the last few seconds of a video.

To combat this (for users that upgrade ) I have added a 'silence padding' option on the settings page (free users default to 2 seconds silence).

Try setting this to X seconds (X being the amount of time that is being chopped off).

With that setting switched on, the site will add X seconds of silence to the add of all your videos, the idea is that YouTube will chop the silence off but you will still be left with your entire MP3 in tact.

YouTube rejected my video for being too long..

With a new YouTube account, YouTube will only allow you to upload videos that are no longer than 15 minutes. To upload longer videos, you will need to 'verify' your account - follow the steps here

Why does the site say "File is too big"?

A limit of 50MB is currently enforced (this can be increased to 100MB by upgrading, or 175MB for URL uploads). This should be enough for most single mp3s. If you need to upload a really long mp3 (like a mix), try re-encoding it at a lower bitrate (i.e. 320 -> 128kbps) - this will reduce the file-size. Alternatively, you could split the mp3 in to parts, and upload them separately - I use mp3splt for this

Why does the site say "File is too small"?

Make sure you are not trying to upload a shortcut. The minimum filesize is 1kb - so if the file is genuinely an mp3 or an image, you should not get this error.

If you are using a Android phone, use the 'Select Music Track' option. If that doesn't work, try using a different File Explorer program, for example ASTRO File Manager.

Why does the site say "Filetype not allowed"?

Check to see that the file is an MP3 (.mp3 extension) or Image (.jpeg,.jpg,.gif,.png). Make sure you are not trying to upload a shortcut.

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I have uploaded my video, but when I view it on YouTube it says "An error occurred. Please try again later."

This happens when YouTube is just about to complete processing the video. Wait a few seconds and refresh the YouTube page, and it should load normally.

How do I make border-less videos?

The trick is to upload an image that is exactly the same size as the video-size selected (1280x720 by default). If you have upgraded, the best thing to do is edit your image in Photoshop (or similar) so the background colour matches the colour around the main image. If you have not upgraded, you should make your background black, as the watermark that is added is framed in a black border.

Can I use a.gif to make an animated video?

You can use a gif, but it will not be animated. The site will just take the first frame and repeat that. The reason the encoding is so quick is because the site does not have to render a whole video. If you want a proper "video", you would have to use software like Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro (or similar)

I want to send my video to multiple YouTube channels at the same time, is this possible?

The way to set the accounts up is as follows (AccountA and AccountB both need to have upgraded):

Sign in to YouTube using AccountA

Sign in to TunesToTube using AccountB

Paste the ChannelID from your clipboard in to the 'Grant Permission To' box and click 'Submit'

If you logout of TunesToTube and then log back in to using AccountA, you should be able to see AccountB's Channel ID in the 'Additional Accounts' drop-down menu. You can also set up a link the other way round, or grant permission to more than one channel.

How do I download songs from YouTube as MP3?

Sorry you can't download MP3s from YouTube using TunesToTube, only upload:-)

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