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Podcasts: Frequently Asked Questions

Podcasts: Frequently Given Answers

What is the difference between downloading a podcast and subscribing to a podcast? Where mp3 download.

When you download a single podcast episode, that one file gets saved onto your computer, mp3 player or mobile device. It is then up to you to play it, delete it or download another. When you subscribe to a podcast, the latest podcast episode is saved to your computer or MP3 player or mobile device. Every time a new podcast episode of the program becomes available your podcasting software will automatically download it. On iOS Apple operating systems devices, you cannot download to your phone. You can subscribe through iTunes and listen there or through Apple's Podcast App.

An aggregator or podcatcher is a program that will check for new podcasts every time you are connected to the web and that program is open. This software is usually free, and the most popular podcatchers or online feed readers are iTunes, Google Reader and My Yahoo.

Use the links below to find out about mobile apps and installation instructionsfor Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Social Feeds for Blackberry: This app is included in Blackberry native software.

On your home screen press Start. Advance to the Windows Media player.

I do not want to subscribe. Where do I find individual podcasts to download?

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You can find all our CBC Radio Podcasts using our A- Z listing. If you know what show you are looking for, head to the show's podcast section by clicking on the show image. Click on the show’s "Download the latest mp3" link. Once you’re on that show’s xml page, in Firefox you'll see in the grey box under the segment description, there is a blue link to that episode’s mp3. In Internet Explorer, the blue link is under the description next to an icon that looks like a set of headphones. Right click and go to "Save Target as …" (Internet Explorer) "Save link as …" (Firefox) on a PC, or "Download Linked File" (Safari – Mac) and save it to computer. Then you can transfer it to your mobile device or play it on your computer.

We cannot control subscriptions or unsubscribe you from a podcast. The subscription process takes place on your aggregator ( iTunes, Google Reader and My Yahoo,etc.).

Please refer to the help/support notes of your particular aggregator.

We would love to be able to put every CBC Radio show online, but there are costs associated with the capture and delivery of audio that force us to be selective.

I'm trying to figure out what I was listening to last Sunday at noon (or whenever) so I can figure out if there's a podcast for the show. Where do I start?

The first place to start your search is are the CBC Program Guide. There you can find links to the Radio One Schedule. Once you get the right show name you want come back to this site to find the individual podcasts.

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We're restricted from podcasting most music due to copyright issues. Vinyl Tap might get a little skimpy without the music!

How come the podcast versions of shows sound different than they do on the radio?

Rights issues prevent us from including commercially available music in our podcasts; however, we are able to offer songs by unsigned artists and music that we have cleared for podcasting use, so you will hear some music in our podcasts.

I'm looking for something that's a bit older than what you have posted here. Where can I find it?

We keep podcast episodes available for a standard 3 months for daily shows and 6 months for weekly shows. Certain programs have special permission to keep their episodes online longer.

I've got some comments about the podcasts. Who do I send them to?

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If you want to comment about something you heard on a specific podcast/show, go to that show's program web page and use the Contact link there to send them your comments directly. If you have feedback or questions about podcasting, please contact us

According to their website,'s mission "is to support these people by taking care of all the problems a budding videoblogger, podcaster or Internet TV producer tends to run into." The service can be used to host media (like videoblogs and podcasts), and you can stream (watch or listen to) the content online without downloading it to your hard drive.

I'm looking for your live online radio streams. Where can I find those?

We keep all the information and links you'll need to listen to CBC Radio online on our Listen page. For live streams on mobile, go to CBC Mobile Services.

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