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WhatsApp is a popular messenger now a days for passing message, images, videos and songs to friends and groups. For the Android user WhatsApp provide a feature to Share your music player songs, Downloaded songs to Friends and groups. But for iPhone’s user can not able to share songs over the Whatsapp from device. So here are an article for how do you share your music library songs of iPhone device to Whatsapp.? Share mp3 files.

Here are the very nice solution of Sharing song from your iPhone to Whatsapp using one of the best iPhone application Called ShareApp. There are Two version of ShareApp.

What is the Diffrence between Lite version and Full Version:

There is two major Diffrence between Lite and Full version of ShareApp

Lite version appear advertisement in each screen when Full version have no advertisement.

Lite version user can only Share 5 songs on WhatsApp when Full version can unlimited song share on WhatsApp.

ShareApp introduce lots of feature like all in one combo.. Following is a list out all features:

Free songs

After installing ShareApp in to you iPhone when you open the ShareApp Application by click on its icon there is load your music library by default. So you don’t worry to find song by navigate to iPhone music app.

You can Search and Play song with very smart and smooth ShareApp music player. So user can listing song before share on WhatsApp.

If you notice in WhatsApp iPhone application if you send voice to friends or group you need to hold your finger on mic button and when you release you finder that will be share on particular place. But in ShareApp provide a separate tab for recording your live voice and ShareApp will store your recording in application and you can Share it any time on WhatsApp… Cool.. Yaa

In to ShareApp there is huge Collection of brand new jokes collection you can also share jokes to WhatsApp and you can also bookmark any favorite jokes in ShareApp. It’s amzing.

ShareApp not only Share a songs on WhatsApp that also support shareit,xender,zapya ect

How to Share Audio, Music, Recording voice, mp3 file on WhatsApp from iPhone:

Free music download sites mp3

Launch the app there is right side with all song list one plane Share icon.

By click on Share icon you can see the option for share a song on WhatApp. And when you tap on WhatApp icon that navigate to your friend list and group list you just need to select a friend or group.

ShareApp have a very unique and smooth music player for you. Because if you want to listing song’s before Share then user have no need to go outside the app.

ShareApp having very big collection of new Jokes and this screen look like:

You can record your voice in ShareApp for example playing guitar with your voice, record your voice sing a song and ShareApp will store your voice memo. users can Share it also from ShareApp to WhatsApp letter or instant.

So what you waiting for just start using ShareApp and enjoy Sharing on free to ask your query and doubt as a comment will provide a best service to ShareApp user and new user.

Video to mp3 converter

Disclaimer: We do not encourage music piracy in any way. The only purpose of this article is to provide knowledge to the readers. We does not take responsibility for any misuse of this information.

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