Music song download. 5 Best Websites Online To Download MP3 Songs

I did not meet any person in my entire life who does not like to listen music. Music is an important element in our life. We listen music to full-fill our mental thirst. I still remember those days when i used to go to Music Cassettes shop to check for new release from A. R. Rahman or any Bengali band or any release form Backstreet Boys. At that time internet was a rare commodity to use and we did not even had a chance to download the songs through internet. I am going to list some sites which are best from my point of view to download MP3 songs. Mp3 music sites.

Just want to mention you one thing that downloading MP3 songs from free sites are violations of piracy policy but still people download songs for free and also there are a huge amount of people who pay for the music they listen. So, there is pretty much balance in between this two parts.

The site that i am going to list below are also a huge stock of MP3 files but you can find your free MP3 songs from this sites. Below are the list of the sites:

MP3Raid is a huge collection of latest MP3 songs. You can download songs and also can listen the songs through streaming. You can search the songs according to the singer, album or artist. Though the site states that they provide songs maintaining the piracy policy but still we have doubt in mind!

Free rap music downloads

This site is also one huge stock of MP3 songs. The online streaming sound quality of this site is just awesome. When i listen music online, i prefer to listen from this site. Also download procedure is very easy. You can try this.

The feel of this site is just awesome. I just like the way the website is represented. One newbie will not face any problem while downloading the song from this site. You will get the feeling of the song from the picture of the artist and the title. The site is well organized. This is quite famous site for downloading MP3 songs and have over million files available for download. This site also provide you the option to listen music while streaming. This site contains totally legal songs.

Bee-MP3 is a kind of site which can provide you almost all the song they you have just heard in your friends mobile or pc and want to download that. Just search by the title of the song or by artist name and i am sure you will get it. This site also provides audio streaming.

Mp3 download mp3 download mp3 download

If you are a Bollywood or non-English song lover then i am sure that you have heard of this site. You will get almost all the new release from Bollywood movies and also songs from other languages. All are free and in MP3 format. This is a favorite site to a good number of people and i am sure that you will also like it if you did not use it before. Though the site is owned by some Pakistani person but you will get all the Bollywood movie updates.

So, friends! how is the list? Are you able to find your desired song? Please let me know if you know about any other site which is better than the above list! Download latest songs and have a blast!

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