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Apple Music is a platform that lets you stream and download unlimited music as well as and connect with music artists for a fixed rental of $9.99 a month. The service is a cost effective solution for people who love to listen and explore music a lot. Apple has quite a big library (with decent quality) and almost all record labels de-facto submit their songs there. Essentially you only pay $9.99 and can listen to far more songs than if you had bought the singles or albums instead. You can either stream the music or you could download it to your hard drive if you want to listen to it offline. A download mp3.

However, All songs downloaded with the Apple Music subscription can be played only on Apple iPods, iPhones, iPads, Mac and Windows PCs with iTunes. Apple’s FairPlay DRM limits playback to the aforementioned devices only, despite the fact that you have playback rights over them. So what do you do if you have non-Apple devices? Read on to know the solution.

The Solution

Easy M4P Converter is an interesting Windows app for iTunes users that provides an effective solution to iTunes protection problem. It strips the DRM from Apple Music’s downloads and old iTunes DRM-protected songs. The end result is an audio file in a free format that you can play anywhere and on any device of your liking, whether it is an Android phone, a third party music player or your car stereo.

How to use Easy M4P Converter on Windows

To convert Apple music to MP3 with Easy M4P Converter, you will need:

1. A PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10.

2. The latest version of Apple iTunes.

3. Apple Music subscription.

4. Sufficient disk space to store downloaded music.

Download converter

5. Easy M4P Converter for Windows - You can download the latest version here.

Once the software requirements mentioned above are installed and fulfilled, let’s move on to the usage.

Launch Easy M4P Converter from the Start Menu or the desktop icon. The app also launches iTunes simultaneously with it.

The start screen shows all the list of iTunes library locations on the left panel, audio tracks and track information at the center and output conversion options on the bottom panel. The top toolbar shows has a button to refresh the track listing, change app preferences and start the DRM conversion.

The app preferences window lets you customize the application looks and several conversion options. Some of the settings are conversion speed/quality, output filename format and enabling ID3 tags.

Following are the steps for converting DRM protected Apple Music downloads to the universally playable MP3 format:

On and on mp3 download

1. Go to iTunes. Search for new songs for albums using the search bar or explore new releases in the ‘New’ tab. In this example, I have searched for ‘Random Access Memories’ by Daft Punk, and have reached the Album information page.

2. Click the 3-dotted menu button next to the Album name and click ‘Add to My Music’.

3. Go back to back to the ‘My Music’ tab and you’ll see the Album added. Expand details of the album by clicking on it. To download specific tracks, click the cloud icon next to it. To download the entire album, click the cloud icon on the album cover image or next to the album name. In this example, I have chosen to download the entire album. Once the downloads begin the circles next to each track name display the download progress. Wait until the entire album is downloaded.

the album is downloaded, it is playable without streaming. Check if double-clicking starts playback immediately.

5. Stop any music playback and switch to Easy M4P Converter window.

6. Click the refresh button. In a few seconds, the new tracks will be displayed. Checkmark the music you need to export. Set the output format to ‘MP3’ and the profile to ‘High Quality’. Also, set the output folder according to your liking.

Mp3 music

7. Click the ‘Convert’ button. The conversion will begin and will take a while to complete.

8. Once complete, you can click the ‘Explore Save File’ button to locate the converted files. The DRM-free MP3 files are in the location you've specified. These converted files are now playable on any media player and any audio device.


Easy M4P Converter is an extremely easy tool to remove DRM from Apple Music downloads and make them playable on any device. It is a must-have tool for anyone having an inclination for exploring new music genres, as it gives them the ability to listen to any song in the Apple music library without being locked down to iTunes or Apple devices at a flat rate every month.

Disclaimer: The review and tutorial above is intended to overcome the limitations of Apple Music being available only on select platforms. We do not encourages piracy. The method has been demonstrated for the sole purpose of usage on personal devices only. We expect you to understand the legality of this issue. If you plan on distributing DRM-restricted audio to other individuals, do so at your own risk. We will not accept responsibility for the consequences.

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