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Mp3 songs downloads have become quite the craze lately. More of the younger population have been hooked to downloads and getting mp3 portable players such as iPods. Mp3 players come in all shapes, colors and sizes that are very attractive and can hold thousands of songs. What many love about mp3 portable players is that you can listen to music anywhere, whatever you are doing. You see people listening to music while crossing the street, while jogging, biking, on the subway or bus and many more. Really you can do anything while listening to an mp3 player.

However, despite the fact that mp3 downloads are popular with many, there are still some who prefer to purchase CDs. What they might not know is downloads offer everything CDs do and more. The thing with CDs is that it is a tangible thing. Many like the fact that they are able to hold CDs in their hands after they purchase it. The thing is CDs are quite costly compared to mp3 songs downloads and what many don’t know is that downloads offer the exact same thing. Why pay more when you can pay less for the same benefits. Sure downloads aren’t tangible but they also offer album downloads and artwork, plus other features that CDs don’t have. Some may think that when you get mp3 songs downloads you have to get songs individually, which isn’t true at all.

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When you download online, you can also get whole albums. The good thing is that you have choices. Downloading allows you to download per song or per album depending on what you want. With CDs, you are forced to buy whole albums even if you don’t like some of the songs in it. So really your choices are much limited compared to downloading. One of the other reasons some are still hooked on buying CDs compared to mp3 songs downloads is because of the artwork that comes with each album. Don’t underestimate downloads as when you download whole albums, some sites offer complete album artwork as well. Really downloads has everything and is a strong competitor of CDs. Although CDs are still around, eventually it will also be replaced like all those before it in the past. CDs can cost a lot and what’s worse is that it can also get damaged easily. With CDs you need to take extra care as it can get scratched and once it does, you can’t really play it anymore. Another thing is sometimes you might even lose the CD and once that happens, there goes all the money you spent on it.

With mp3 songs downloads, that will never happen as downloads can’t get damaged. Plus you can store it in several places so that you can’t lose it. For unlimited top 40 mp3 downloads visit Legal Sounds. You get downloads for free and other songs for just 9 cents each. Download all the media you want with no limitations and you can choose from thousands of songs you love. Join Legal Sounds and start downloading now!

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