I'M GIVING IT AWAY! I didn't create the software, I only found it, and the authors want you to have it FREE.

Here's a working example of the Free download script and mp3 streaming player.

1968-A Total Electric Happening by the Mind Garage $7.99

The example above is a working model and you can sell your mp3s too just like this. If you want to sell digital products online, such as mp3s, ebooks, reports, and videos, your order process needs to be automated. And your download link needs to be protected so it can not be passed around freely.

Musicians can go to iTunes, etc, but they will pay as much $20 to place one song on iTunes, and even more if they want to sell multiple songs and still more to have their songs for sale at more download stores than iTunes. iTunes and the individual stores set the price of the music. The musician has no say in it, and gets paid 70 cents per song, or $7.00 per album even if the album has 20 songs in it. And as long as you want to keep your songs available for download, you will keep paying, monthly or yearly fees even if you don't sell any music. Guess what, if you do sell some music, you may not be able to access your money if you haven't met the minimum withdrawal amount. And sometimes your money isn't available to withdraw for up to 45 days after the sale. Sure, you want to sell downloads safely, but is iTunes etc really necessary? What's so great about what iTunes, etc?. Are you hoping iTunes will promote your fantastic song? That won't happen. All they want is 30% of your individual song sales plus $20 initially, which means 100% of the money from the first 40 songs you sell belongs to iTunes etc. YOU are the one writes the songs, promotes the songs, and yet you make nothing!!!

The alternative to iTunes, etc is to buy software that can be expensive, complicated to install, and licensed for use on one web server.

Why would you choose either way? The answer is because you haven't had a better choice until now.!!! NOW THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!!! A FREE, simple, safe way to sell downloads called SIMPLE IPN.

SIMPLE IPN is a FREE PHP script that allows your customer to pay you using Paypal, the most popular payment gateway on the internet.

Free music mp3s

* IPN means Instant payment notification. Every time there is a purchase, Paypal sends the IPN data to the merchant's website.

* SIMPLE IPN receives this data, and creates unique expiring download links for each customer and sends the customer an email with all the download

information. Paypal sends an email with payment notification to both the merchant and to the customer and directs the customer to the download page.

* Your customer does not need a Paypal account to purchase from you.

* You, the merchant, do not have to know how to code PHP.

* PHP ( Personal Home Page Tools) is ordinary English words, abbreviations, and punctuation and will open for editing in notepad.

* SIMPLE IPN is very simple to use and install. Use it on as many web servers as you want.

* SIMPLE IPN does not use any database setup like MySQL or require merchants to have an understanding of databases.

Mp3 song downloader free online

* SIMPLE IPN only requires the merchant to modify one file by entering his own

paypal account email address, names of files to be downloaded, the prices and the expiration in hours ( for example: 2, 48, 72 hours, etc ).

That's ALL! Upload your files and you're ready to sell.


FREE. Paypal Premier merchant account. Paypal takes 2.9% + $0.30 USD per transaction.

Make sure you do not allow the player to play the real song. You will need to make short samples of your songs and keep them in a separate directory from the full length songs. Don't worry, if you don't like this player there are plenty more to choose from. Just search.

FREE BUY BUTTON. You may want a "BUY" button ( or youy can use a text link to Paypal. Instructions are in the Simple IPN download zip file. The BUTTON image above is FREE. Right Click and save it. Otherwise there are plenty of other FREE examples on the net. Just search.

FREE PDF creator. case you want to make a pdf file for some reason, even though a text file will do perfectly well for lyrics etc.

Mp converter

FREE There are places on the web that say you can store your files there FREE, even stream music

FREE There are places that offer a FREE domain.

NOT FREE. your domain ( $15 to $20.

GO GET IT! The Revolution is on!

PS I may be willing to help anyone install the software, who has trouble, unless I become swamped with requests. is so easy to install that I believe even a novice can do it. Complete instructions are in the when you download the software. Address for help installing

*NOTE: There is a function in Simple IPN for testing before you 'go live', but it is not always cooperative, leading you to believe that your program does not work. I found it easier to set the price of my mp3 at 10 cents for testing and 'go live', actually buying it from myself with a personal paypal account. That's FREE too. If you want to throw a few bucks my way for telling you WHERE IT'S AT consider buying A TOTAL ELECTRIC HAPPENING, it's not mandatory.:-). If you do BUY A Total Electric Happening, and burn it to a CD, you could download the image below to use as an insert in the CD case. Now if you feel really thankful, although they say it is optional, send a little to the geniuses who created these programs.

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