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Convert Apple Music to MP3

By Sarah Connor Updated on January 02, 2019 How to download music to mp3 for free.

Nedd an Apple Music to MP3 Converter to convert Apple Music to MP3? Here we’ll guide you to an effective way to convert DRM-ed Apple Music and iTunes M4P songs to MP3, you can also record Apple Music tracks as MP3 files for enjoying Apple Music on any MP3 player.

Q: I need to get a good way to convert Apple music to MP3. I have purchased lots of Apple Music songs on iTunes store, becuase the Digital Right Management restriction on Apple Music, how could I keep my downloaded music from Apple Music after my trial runs out, any way to remove DRM from Apple Music and keep Apple Music songs playable after canceling subscription?

Q: Is there any way to convert Apple Music tracks to MP3? Because MP3 player can’t download Apple music app, I want to play Apple Music songs on Sony Walkman MP3 player, iTunes doesn’t allow to convert Apple Music files to mp3 format, is there any other method helps me rip or record Apple Music in MP3 format and transfer to my MP3 player?”

M4P is a file extension for a protected audio file encoded with advanced audio codec (AAC), which is a lossy compression. M4P stands for MPEG 4 Protected (audio). That means, Apple iTunes purchased song are in.m4p format, which protected by Apples “Fairplay” DRM. That’s why people only can open it with iTunes and not able to play M4P Apple music on or other non-Apple devices or playing the M4P Apple music on iOS device for offline.

We can’t play Apple Music tracks after canceling subscription, as we all know that the downloaded songs on Apple Music are DRM-protected (Digital Right Management restriction), which limits users listening to music on unauthorized device. However, how to play Apple Music songs on MP3 player? How to keep songs downloaded from Apple Music forever after you unsubscribe? What you need to do is to convert Apple Music songs to plain mp3 formats. Let’s teach you two ways to get DRM-free Apple Music: Convert Apple Music to MP3 directly and record protected Apple Music streams as MP3 files.

Part 1: How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 via iTunes

Step 1. Open iTunes Preference.

Windows: Choose Edit > Preference

Mac: Choose iTunes > Preference

Step 3. From the “Import Using” pop-up menu, choose the encoding format that you want to convert the song to, then click “OK” to save the settings. MP3/AAC/AIFF/WAV Encoder is available to choose.

Step 4. Select one or more songs in your library, then from the File > Create New Version menu, choose one of the following (the menu item changes to show what’s selected in your Importing preferences):

-Create Apple Lossless Version

1. The convert iTunes music will not keep its original quality.

2. It not allow convert older purchased songs, as they are protected by AAC format that prevents them from being converted. If you need to convert these songs to another audio format, please refer to solutions two.

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Part 2: How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 via Apple Music Converter

This Apple Music to MP3 Converter also is an M4P Music to MP3 Converter, it enable to remove DRM from Apple music and convert M4P to MP3, then you can enjoy the purchased Apple music for free forever. It support to convert Apple music from M4P to different formats, like MP3/AC3/M4A/FLAC. It can also convert iTunes audiobooks and audible audiobooks to DRM free formats. Moreover, you can play the converted Apple music on any MP3 players, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Android device, Xbox, etc.

Main Features of Apple Music Converter:

-Remove DRM protection from Apple Music songs(iTunes).

-Convert Apple Music M4P songs to DRM-free MP3, M4A, etc.

-Convert iTunes songs and Audiobooks to MP3, M4A, etc.

-Keep original quality to MP3, M4A audio files.

-Convert Apple Music songs at up to 16X speed.

Video Guide on Convert Apple Music and iTunes M4P Music to MP3

Steps to Batch Convert Apple Music songs to MP3

Step 1 Download and Install Apple Music Converter

First of all, download and run the Apple Music Converter on the Computer. The Apple Music Converter for Mac automatically loads your iTunes library and playlists. You don’t need to download Apple Music songs to your computer first, just add songs, albums or playlists from Apple Music catalog to iTunes Library.

Step 2 Select Apple Music Files to Convert

After running the program on the computer, you will see it will load iTunes playlists in the main interface of program. Click on “Library” and select the Apple music that you need to convert. You can choose a few songs even the whole music library as this program supports batch conversion.

You will see “Output Settings” tab at the bottom of the main interface. Go to “Output Format” and you can choose to output the audio as MP3, M4A, MKA, AIFF, FLAC, etc,. In this case, you should choose “MP3” option. In addition, you can specify the location for saving the converted Apple music tracks.

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Click on “Start” button and the program will immediately pop up the conversion window, begin to convert Apple music to MP3. Wait for minutes until the conversion is over.

Finally, you will have all the output MP3 files saved in the location you specified. Now you can freely play the converted Apple music on MP3 audio players after moving it from the computer.

Above is the guide to remove DRM from Apple Music songs and convert to plain MP3 by Apple Music DRM Removal & Converter. You can also use a Apple Music recording tool to record Apple Music as MP3, please keep reading the below guide.

Part 3: How to Record Apple Music as MP3 via Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is an excellent streaming music recording software to record Apple Music, Spotify streaming music, YouTube music, Amazon music unlimited, SoundCloud music, Pandora music, Youtube videos/movies, Dailymotion videos to MP3, AAC, and so on. Also you can customize recorded Apple Music by cutting and splitting unwanted audio files and merging segments into a MP3 audio file with one click. After recording those streaming music as MP3 files, you can keep them playable after canceling subscription.

Download the Screen Recorder for Windows or Mac and start ripping Apple Music songs one by one.

Tutorial: How to Rip Apple Music as MP3 Format

Step 1. Run the Screen Recorder software

After installing the Screen Recorder application, open and set up it.

If you want to record Apple Music songs from system sound, please click the “Audio Recorder” button to enter the audio recording function.

Step 2. Turn on System Sound and Turn off Microphone Option

Just turn on “System Sound” option. As you plan to record songs, stereo mix needs to be turned off. This recorder can also capture the screen when music is playing. You can easily get the detailed information of this song, such as its creation time, artists, and genre.

When shifting to your audio recorder, you can click the “Settings” to set your record file formats and output folder, it can help you rip Apple Music to most popular DRM free format, like MP3, WMA, M4A and ACC.

Note: Before you record music, you can choose output audio format, MP3, AAC, M4A or WMA by clicking the Settings button.

Step 4. Start to Record the Selected Apple Music Songs by Click “REC”

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Go to the iTunes and select the Apple Music song you want. Before playing the songs, click the “REC” button in the application. Then click to play your selected music and start your music recording.

Step 5. Listen to your Recorded Song and Save it

Once the recording is done, you can listen to your recorded Apple Music song first and save it to your local files.

Now, the select Apple music be recorded and saved onto the computer in MP3 format, you can keep the recording songs forever.

If you want to know how to capture any activity on computer, for example: Recording online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, TED, and other popular video sites; Making a video tutorials or a game playing,etc. You can choose “Video Recorder” to record video on the computer.

Downoad the Screen Recorder and try to record your Apple Music tracks as MP3 easily.

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