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What your life would be without music? I cannot imagine that because I love music and cannot live without it. Mp3 download in.

Nowadays, there’re many ways to enjoy the music at anytime and anywhere. For example, you can use your iPhone as a portable music player. There’re many music applications that you can find in the Apps Store, such as radio apps, streaming music, free music download, and so on. Some music applications need the internet connection and sometimes it gets slow or you cannot get the connection at all. So, how can you enjoy the music anytime and anywhere if it all still depends on the internet? Even though you have a portable device to play the music. Actually, there are the other ways to enjoy the music offline on your iPhone. I will share the best free music download apps for iPhone.

Best free music download apps for iPhone

Free Music Player from Shiny Mobile Studio

I have searched how to enjoy free music without the Internet until I found this cool app. Free Music Player allows you to download songs from SoundCloud artists and play it offline. They have a lot of songs from SoundCloud that you can download, and this is legal because they only play songs which are officially allowed by the artists. It’s one of the safest ways to play music on your iPhone offline, without breaking the law. This app provides the easy access to all the features. After you launch this app on your iPhone, tap Search Music, type a song or artist, and tap Enter. You will get a list of songs or the artists. Choose one of them, tap the icon on the top left, and tap Downloader. You can find the downloaded song in My Music feature. Now, you can enjoy your favorite songs on your iPhone from Free Music Player app, anywhere and anytime.

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PlayMe – Free Music Downloader Pro

PlayMe is the other cool app for you to listen to the music,


MixDownload is another free music downloads app for iPhone. This app, has many music categories to choose, from pop, RnB, jazz to indie music. Firstly, choose the music you want to download by Categories or Hot, then tap the arrow icon on the right side of music title and it will start to download. If you couldn’t find your favorite song or artist, you can use the Search feature at the bottom of the screen. You can find your music in Downloaded feature, and you can start to listen to it offline. The thing is, you can only hear that music after it has been completely downloaded. MixDownload is compatible with iOS 6.1 or later.

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Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive (FMA) is also one of the free music download apps that I found so far. It offers a lot of the music collection of many genres to boost your mood, and allow you to download free music, so you can play it back offline. The Free Music Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free and legal MP3 downloads. It’s directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. You can get this app free. Well, what are waiting for, start to download this app, find the music and listen to it first, if you like it you can download it.

Streaming Music apps

It was quite difficult to find the free music download apps for iPhone, because Apple will not allow the apps that break the law, on their App Store. Free music downloads are the illegal thing if they don’t have an official permission from the artists. That’s why to find the best free music download apps was taking a lot of time. I read some references from the Internet, but when I tried on my iPhone, it didn’t work out? Whether it’s because I couldn’t find the app on the App Store, they no longer exist or they have changed their names and the features. Most of the apps didn’t have a download feature, but they offer the streaming free music only, which always need the Internet connection. But, eventually, I have found some and have shared it with you. Actually, there’s the other way to hear free music on your iPhone, one of it is through the streaming music apps, such as SounCloud, Pandora, Rhapsody, and more. Alternatively, you can also use free music download sites.

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