Httpmp3 com free download. The Top 3 Sites To Find Free MP3 Music Downloads For European Artists

Europe is home to some of the greatest musicians of all times. The old continent has been the leading edge in the music industry ever since the classics: Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, just to name a few. Of course we must not forget more recent classics, including ABBA, A-ha, the Rolling Stones, the Scorpions, and the Beatles. Today it’s Coldplay, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Radiohead, and many more. Yes, these are all majorly successful European bands. Free mp3 music download sites.

Wouldn’t you love to know what else Europe has in store? You can discover great music from European artists all over. Knowing they are European and trying to find free MP3 downloads specifically from a certain continent, however, can be quite difficult.

I went the extra kilometer for you and dug out some sites that offer mostly European music or categorized free MP3 downloads by country.

This German site reviews artists and regularly provides fans with free tracks. Tonspion translates to sound spy.

The artists featured here are not exclusively European. There have been and will be free downloads from all over the world, including US artists like Madonna, Eminem, and Kings of Leon. However, the list of the site’s most popular artists includes predominantly European musicians, for example Coldplay, Radiohead, Dúné, The Kooks, and Mando Diao.

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The site is German, but fortunately for you, German language is full of anglicisms. Just follow the “Free MP3:” or “Review und Download” links for each post in the MP3 category. On the following page “Free MP3 Download” is an unmistakable hint that an MP3 is hidden behind the respective link.

When browsing by artist, you’ll notice the option “Exklusive MP3”. Some mp3 downloads are exclusively offered through TONSPION and you will not find them anywhere else. Those are the gems!

2. New Melodies

New Melodies is a community that wishes to eradicate music piracy by providing legal and free MP3 downloads.

The site can be browsed by product, genre, region, time, rating, and music style. The regions of course include Europe. The site’s search engine also lets you browse songs by country and combine that criterion with various genres. Unfortunately, the nationality is only noted on the artist’s full profile, not on the mini preview for each song.

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To download songs from New Melodies you must first sign up. Also, since the site supports UNICEF, the download only starts after a short for a nonprofit organization. In this very special case, it’s worth the hassle for the good cause. At least the zip download comes with album art.

Here we have a social music site that provides a large download catalog of Creative Commons licensed music.

Within the 10,000 songs containing archive, you will discover music from around the world. European artists and bands include Silence from Belgium, Bass from France, and sion from the UK.

To browse artists by country, go through the categories > Music > Creative Commons. You’ll see a list of all free albums and various CC attributions and a little flag displayed in the bottom left with each artist. When you hover the mouse cursor over the flag, it will show you which country these colors belongs to. Next, click any European flag and finally you’ll see an option to browse artists by country in the top left, below “Browsing … albums”.

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Which European artists do you love most?

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