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Nowadays, we all have access to audio editing software - whether it's inside your usual media player like Nero, Roxio or a great piece of free-ware such as Audacity. You can make your own unique horror soundtrack in no time by following these simple instructions...... Mp3 music tracks free download.

Open your audio editing software and import a spooky drone sound. This can be a WAV file, AIFF or mp3 file. Most editors support various formats.

Now import another sound like a scream. You may need to create a new track for this but editors like Audacity will automatically create one for you. When you hit play, you will notice that you can hear both tracks at the same time.Select your scream sound and use an 'effect' to spice it up. This could be reverb (echo) which would place it in a large hall. Or anything you fancy

If you want to chop your sounds up, select the scissor tool and chop away. But you must create a quick fade at the start and end of each section, otherwise you'll get a nasty click sound. Fades are very important when editing sound.

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Move your sounds around randomly, import more and make a horror mash-up!

When you're happy with your arrangement, check the over all level isn't clipping (hitting red) otherwise you may need to turn some of the individual sounds down.

If you finished, hit 'Quick Mix' in Audacity or save / export your project in the format you desire. This could be a high quality WAV which would be ideal for burning a CD, or a smaller mp3 which is good for internet use.

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You're done! The more you do it the better you get. Next time why not try all the effects, try reversing sounds, pitch shifting them to monster level and maybe even using your computer's microphone to manipulate your own voice. Of course, this is just the basics but it should get you started. If you really can't be fussed then please consider purchasing our Halloween Horror albums. At $6.99 they're a lot of fright for your money and we believe they're some of the best sounding Halloween album available. Happy Halloween!

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