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We all know a couple of illegal ways to download music for free. However, music download can very much be a legal act if you know which site to visit. Below you will find a list of the best 10 places to get free music downloads legally. All these websites are free with no subscription necessities. Once you download the tracks you want they are saved to your hard drive or phone and they are forever yours! Free music download websites.

(1) Free Music Archive

At Free Music Achieve you can download music for free and legally. You can even download music without an account! The easiest way to browse through the music you want is trough top charts of the month or through music genres.

(2) Amazon Free Music Download

Amazon is one of the best places where you can download tons of music for free. You can hear the tracks you wish to download online and click on the Free button to add it to your chart. As if you were purchasing something click Place your Order and you are done! You can sort the list either by title, length or artist.

(3) PureVolume

PureVolume is another great place for downloading music online. There is no need for an account as well. All you need is time to search in its array of free songs via its top songs and newest album catalogues.

(4) SoundClick

SoundClick is one of the best ways to download music for free directly through the artists’ websites. You can also create music stations and discuss with other users on forums. On the downside, some artists make their songs available only via payment or streaming only online..

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(5) Jamendo Free Music Download

In Jamendo all the music is free, since the artists have decided to give away their albums without something in return.. There is a plethora of playlists to choose from like “Valentine’s Day” or “Best of the Month”. In addition, there is a Jamendo app available if you would not rather use the net.

(6) CCTrax

CCTrax is great for downloading music for free. It has plenty of categories to choose from like house, techno and ambient. Once again, there is no need for an account and you can download a whole album at once!

(7) NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade is another great way for free music downloads. If you wish you can tip the artists giving away their tracks or promote them to your friends. You can also download the whole album as well, however NoiseTrade will require your email and zip code. Once those steps are complete you will receive the files as a ZIP file. (Use WINRAR and you are done with that hiccup as well)!

(8) SoundCloud Free Music Download

Most of the content on SoundCloud is downloaded for free. However some tracks will require an additional Like in Facebook . All the songs that have the Free Music Download button next to them can instantly be downloaded.

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(9) Internet Archive’s Audio Library

One of the biggest archives of free music downloads websites. Millions of tracks and podcasts at your fingertips in music formats like MP3, OGG and WAV.


You can easily download for free all kinds of tracks from all sorts of genres with just one click. As a bonus gift you will receive recommendations for the bands you love!

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