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I highly recommend buying your music, but if you don’t have the $1.29 or more to spend on each song, I have a solution for you. Lets be real, no-one likes to pay for music and if you do why? The amount of money artists make from sales on platforms like iTunes is next to nothing. The big money they make is coming from merchandise sales, and touring. Lets face it, streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music are taking over with one time payments. So, if it’s not hurting artists, why not save money? Its easy, and most importantly, its available. Download music off the internet.

1.) Open ; using youtube, find the first song that you wish to download. Let the ad play through if there is one.

2.) Next, left click and highlight the entire link in the URL web search bar. Then push Command + C to Copy it on Mac (Control + C on PC).

3.) Open ; there are many different Youtube converters out there, but this one is by far the best; it downloads in 320 kbps.

Download mp3 of

4.) Where it reads “Please insert a YouTube video URL”, left click, then push Command + V to Paste (Control + V on PC) the URL you just copied into the text box. Then click “Convert”.

5.) Dont worry, multiple pop up’s may occur. Just “X” out of them when they come and click “Download”. Getting through the pop ups……I know, its scary, but trust me, these are there to weign out government blockers; the popups wont give you a virus.

5.) Open iTunes; once the download completes it should open into iTunes automatically. If it doesnt, drag and drop the file from your downloads into an iTunes playlist of your choice. After successfully opening the MP3 file in iTunes, you’re good to upload them onto one of your devices. You don’t necessarily need iTunes to complete this process; any program like it will work.

Mo3 converter

6.) Continue the process by going back to Click “convert next”, then copy and paste your next song selection into the text box. Click “convert”. Repeat.

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