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I am often asked by people to explain what it feels like to be hypnotised. It's really just a case of listening and relaxing. It is a very natural state and something that we all do all of the time during our day. You are aware of everything that is going on and can open your eyes at any time that you want to. Free mp3 co.

I like to explain it as being very similar to Meditation or Mindfulness. The big difference that you can find is that it is much easier. With me to guide you you can just let your mind and imagination wander and you don't need to focus in the same way that you would if you were meditating or practicing mindfulness.

You are always in control of yourself and the situation.

In fact we all drift in and out of natural trances during our day, it's simply a lovely, relaxing and refreshing feeling.

I know that the best way to explain how hypnosis feels and help to show you how relaxing it can be is a real demonstration. That's why I have created this special relaxation session.

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It lasts less than ten minutes and it's an opportunity for you to allow yourself to switch off and relax just as much as you feel comfortable.

You can forget all about the outside world and have some time just for yourself. You can come back and listen as often as you wish for free.

To experience your own few minutes of calm and relaxation you can simply click on the play button and listen to the MP3 audio right here Either on Youtube or Soundcloud.

Do you have a question about what I do and how Hypnotherapy works? I have answered many common questions in the video below...

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