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MP3 files can contain all sorts of audio, including lectures, audio books, and many other things. However, if you say "MP3", most people will immediately think of music. Indeed, this is what MP3 is most widely used for, and even MP3 tags are designed to store information about songs: artist, title, album, year, genre, etc. My music mp3 download free.

MP3 tags are special fields inside MP3 files that contain textual information about the corresponding song. It is convenient to have them, as you can easily find a particular song in your collection by entering its title (or a part of it), or its artist's name, or some other detail. When a program or a device plays such song, it will typically show information from the MP3 tag of the file, making it easy for you to identify the song. But what if MP3 tags are empty, and filenames do not provide necessary details? Are you stuck with a group of files that are impossible to identify?

Luckily, it is still possible to identify music files with a program like Free Music Tag Finder. This smart and completely free tool will analyze sound of your music files and download MP3 tags from the internet.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download Free Music Tag Finder to your computer and start the file. Follow instructions of the setup wizard to install the MP3 tag downloader.

Step 2: Start the program. Select MP3 files to tag.

Launch Free Music Tag Finder. The main window of the program will appear:

There are several areas of the window that are quite easy to recognize. First of all, there is the "Directory structure" area on the left, it shows folders on your computer, just like Windows Explorer does. You can expand and collapse different folders to see or hide subfolders. Click a folder to show all files and folders stored within it.

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On the right, there is a bigger area. Again, just like Windows Explorer, it shows files in the selected folder.

Further, there are two other (optional) areas: Cover (showing the cover of the currently selected music file) and Lyrics.

So, let's select the folder where our music files without tags are stored.

The program shows the files in the big area on the right. Information from MP3 tags is displayed in the corresponding columns (title, artist, etc.). Free Music Tag Finder makes it easy to see what files need to be tagged: the program highlights such files with red. It is also possible to hide already tagged songs by clicking the "Filtering by empty tags" button on the toolbar.

To select all files, press Ctrl + "A" on your keyboard. If you want to select a group of files, click the first file of the group, then press Shift and click the last one (all files between these two will be selected). To add individual files to the selection, use Ctrl + click.

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Step 3: Download MP3 tags by sound.

After selecting songs, click the "Find ID3 tags" button on the toolbar.

Free Music Tag Finder will start analyzing your music files and downloading tags for them:

For several files, it will not take long, but if you have selected hundreds of music files, you will need to wait some time. You can click on the "Minimize" button and continue working with your computer while the program is downloading MP3 tags in the background.

Finally, the progress window disappears, and our songs are now identified:

Free Music Tag Finder is a completely free program, you can download and start using without any limitations it immediately.

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