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There are lot many application available on Android to play music and stream music. Those music player apps can only be used to play music which you have downloaded earlier. We have gone through 5 best music play er applications for Android. Here comes one interesting application which will allow you to download music that you love. We have gone through the review of it. Where can i get free mp3 music downloads.

The application called Mp3 Music Downloaded Pro –V7 is the application which lets you download free music. Not just download of the music but this allows you to search and download the music and it’s not just the music that you can search or download, you can go with lyrics and the album cover. This application goes with multi thread download of songs at the same time and at maximum three songs can be downloaded at the same time.

Once you have downloaded a song tapping on it will invoke option to Play now, download and share via Social sharing apps which exists on your phone or tablet. The song lyrics are displayed using the built-in player with the syncs to the music.

Download free music from your Android phone directly

Find me mp3 download

Easy to use and get free music

Large pop-up ads, fake error screens and push notifications

Easy way to get illegal music

Free music download sites

Mp3 Music Downloaded Pro –V7 Download

The Mp3 Music Downloaded Pro –V7 application for Android can be downloaded at Android Apps Labs. From your phone visit the app page and then click on Install button to automatically install this application.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.5 / 5

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