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BearShare is one of the top online download sites for anyone to check out. It offers a large variety of free music and video downloads for people to use. This is incredibly easy to work with this program for all kinds of data. Free mp3 file sharing.

Easy to Get Into

Anyone can quickly get the software to obtain favourite media. First, a user will have to click on the download link. Version 10 is the most current version of the program as of October 2013.

This can work with something that is less than twenty megabytes in size. It also works with Windows XP as the minimal operative system requirement. Older versions of Windows and Mac OS systems are not supported.

A user will then need to register a username and password. It is completely free to get this handled. After this is done the user can then go throughout the BearShare website to get a large variety of artists.

What Data is There?

People can get many different files and torrents off of this application, and all of them are free of charge. These are P2P and the Pirate Bay torrents that are unlicensed and can be freely shared and installed on all computers. A person can also burn them onto a portable music player or a CD. These mp3s can be identified in a search as ones with green circles next to them. Of course you need to keep up with any copyright laws in order to perform your online experience the honest way.

There are some copyrighted songs that a person must pay to get access to in order to use them. These have gold circles next to them. Fortunately, it is cheap to get these downloaded handled on an individual basis or through a subscription.

Music can be easy to search for. A user can handle the BearShare engine or the Discover feature to find a variety of new artists. There are also searches for music based on moods, individual picks from people on their staff and even full discographies from a variety of artists.

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In all, there are more than fifteen million songs to grab and enjoy. It features a healthy mix of licensed and unlicensed content. This is one of the largest torrent collections for anyone to check out.

Video files are also included on the service. These include a variety of short files that are less than fifteen minutes in length. These are the only files that can be supported by BearShare download due to space and transfer time considerations.

What Files Formats Are There?

One great feature that makes BearShare unique is that it allows people to receive music and movies based on different file formats that they prefer to use. Traditional MP3 audios can be downloaded with bittorrent clients but the site also offers Windows media and audio tracks. These include data that can be handled on Windows Media Player.

BearShare has support for WMV, WM, WMA, WMD, ASF and AVI media files. It also supports MPEG, MPG, M1V, MP2V and MPE movie files among a few other options.

Most digital media players can handle these files. Even Apple’s iPod can handle the MP3s and non-Windows media that are on the site. The iPhone and iPod Touch are not supported though.

An Easy to Handle Library

It offers more than just a great P2P service. It also offers a solution to one’s media playback needs. BearShare’s media library feature allows people to easily check on their music and movie files. They can arrange these files by name or artist among other features.

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A user can also handle files in the library to the point where the user can arrange them in onto a CD or get them transferred onto a media player. The interface is made clear to give any user clear access to different functions.

People can also play back their music through special playlists. A user can arrange a playlist based on things that were recently downloaded or purchased. A user can also get individual files added according to one’s preference. A playlist featuring the most played songs on a system can also be prepared.

A Way to Meet People

The number of people who have been using this here and uploading things onto it has been growing over the years. Today people who use BearShare download can create their own profiles. A profile can include details on the music one likes and where that person lives. Information on what the user has been downloading recently can be added as well.

This information can be shared among users as a means of giving them a chance to get to know each other. This is a huge benefit that makes it easy for people to have fun with each other and get to know everyone on the site.

Consistent Updates

The last feature of BearShare is that it offers a variety of updates for users to get into. These updates feature a variety of additions that make the experience more enjoyable. For example, the program has recently introduced a brand new library interface that is clear and easy to read.

The DJ feature has also been introduced recently. This allows a user to type in a song or artist name and then get songs to be played back based on the interests that one has.

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The service has even received support for high-definition videos. HD videos offer great images and are easy to see. A user can even play these videos inside the program or play them in a full screen mode for a larger image.

Impressive Overall

These features make it one of the best programs for anyone to take a look at. BearShare is a great service that will allow anyone to easily obtain great music and play them back with ease. The ability to find things on the program based on a variety of different points is also very impressive because it gives a user a better selection to work with.

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