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This app allows you to search, listen and download free music. You can also find lyrics for the songs using this free app. Google mp3 music downloader free.



Advanced MP3 Music Downloader is an app, which provides millions of songs for you to listen online or download.

The app supports Chart, which recommends the hottest songs on the basis of different classification. The Subscription function allows the user to get the latest information of this app.

The app's searching function claimed to be as powerful as Google with a large song resource. Any songs found in Google can be searched in this app. Type the key words of song, artist or album into the searching bar, there will display a list of song, artist, album and the volume of the song. Besides, the app will search songs related to the key words as many as possible for selection.

Free download establishment

If the music can't play fluently because of the bad network or other factors, then the user can still download it and enjoy offline. The downloaded songs will be saved in library automatically, which will be convenient for next time listening. The downloaded songs can be set as ringtone, notification and alarm.

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Humanistic library management

The app provides possibility to manage downloaded songs. The downloaded songs completely showed in the Songs of Local. Long press any piece of music, it can be played, set, edited tags, added to favorites and deleted if you don't want it. My favorites collect the songs you like best. The Files include the file of internal phone and the SD card.

Rating system is supported

The rating system in this app set for users to express their true feeling after using. In a word it is user-friendly.

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Advanced MP3 Music Downloader 2.0 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Advanced MP3 Music Downloader 2.0:

- Add Library Download Management

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