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I wonder since the first audio song release how many mp3 music have been recorded? I mean the total count of all the music and audio files? It’s baseless to count all the music files and what we are worried about are the popular and hit music or mp3 tracks. Album downloads free mp3.

The Mp3 Music Download Pro is an Android application meant for the users to search and then download the files of their choice, not only that you can also download the lyrics of any music file from the internet too using this application. Also the album cover can also be searched using this application.

The MP3 Music Download Pro app on your phone searches out through the millions of free mp3 files from various searches engines and provides you with the relevant music files, related lyrics directly on your phone. What more interesting about this application is that you can put multiple songs download at a same time. Maximum of 3 songs can be set for download via this application on your phone or tablet or mp3 player. This is one of the must have application for Android based mp3 players as they would be looking for dedicated and rare music searches.

Search for music, lyrics and the album covers

Managing the music is pretty much easy with play, delete and set ringtone notifications


Multiple songs download also supported with at maximum of 3 songs download at a time

Easy to use and environmental friendly interface

As soon as I downloaded this application on my Huawei X2 mobile phone and run it, there was pop-up forcing me to rate the application which is a bad thing at first. Once I have done that you will be onto the home of the application where you just have the option of Search, Share, Local and Rating and finally annoying ad at the bottom appears.

Click on Search and enter some keyword to search out for the songs. When you have selected a song, you will get the option of Play Now, Download and Share.


The first two options are clearly understood but the last option of share will provide you various options to share the song. That’s it nothing more than that in this application.

The Mp3 Music Download Pro Android application is available for free download at Android Apps Labs. This application has file size of 1.3 Mb. Visit Android Apps Labs on your mobile phone and tablets, click on Install button to download this application.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.5 / 5

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