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First developed in 1997, Winamp became the industry standard for media players. The latest incarnation delivers the customization and flexibility users crave along with the stability and functionality that’s expected from a 21st Century media player.

If you were among the growing population who had a personal computer in 1997, then you’re likely familiar with Winamp. Responsible for laying the foundation of digital entertainment, Winamp changed the way we connected with our favorite songs. While it’s been 20 years since its dynamic interface spawned a generation of digital music fans, the latest release combines traditional features with advanced capabilities.

When Nostalgia Comes Alive - Features and Capabilities

Considered the best standalone media player by many PC users, Winamp offers a streamlined and convenient program for your entire music collection. When it first arrived on the newly created digital music scene, its features were revolutionary. However, competition became fierce and after version 3, many wondered if Winamp had lost its edge.

Although there was much speculation, the latest release has once again rekindled its placement in the media player marketplace.

Perhaps the greatest feature of Winamp is its level of customization options. Because of its open architecture, the general public could add to its plugin and add-on repository. Over the years, this collection has grown to over 20,000 skins and thousands of plugins. So what does this mean for the average user? Customizations, and lots of them.

As a standalone media player, Winamp continues to shine. While it may seem that a program with such extreme levels of customization could become bogged down with options, its interface and file categorization is intuitive and sleek.

If you’re like the majority of computer users, you thrive on multitasking. Winamp supports this behavior through its minimized player option. When activated, the player shrinks to a small bar along the corner of your screen. This gives you instant access to your music without taking up your entire screen or having to fumble through menu icons.

Innovative Technologies for Music Lovers - Updated Option

Mp 3

Think Winamp can only play your digital music library? Think again! The latest release comes packed with a host of music options. Sometimes your own music library isn’t enough. Want to explore new musicians or liven up a party with a theme-designed playlist? If so, then you’ll love the OurStage Radio Service.

Much like other Internet radio providers, OurStage Radio hosts a variety of stations guaranteed to satisfy any musical mood. Simply scroll through the available radio stations, and get ready to take your music game to the next level.

Other updated features include iTunes Library import and enhanced iPod synching, which is a much-welcomed update from the previous version.

Ultimately, if you’re searching for a stable, secure and reliable standalone media player, then Winamp may be exactly for you. With decades of experience and a vibrant, active community, you’ll soon experience music through a different set of ears.

Extreme customization options without feeling complex

Dynamic media library organization

Winamp is a popular music player for Windows that allows users to easily play a variety of music formats right from their desktops.

It is not hard to find a music player. In fact, the Internet is overrun with literally thousands of music players, all of which have their own followings. Winamp is a music player that was launched in 1997. Due to its ease of use, this music player quickly grew into popularity with more than three million downloads. Today, Winamp is still a popular name among tech-savvy Internet users that like to stray from the norm. The question is, how does Winamp stack up against the other players that are available?

One of the key features that sets Winamp apart from other media playes is the fact that it is completely customizable. The program supports not only a number of skins but plug-ins as well. The skins simply change the look and layout of your Winamp program. The plug-ins, however, can completely change the features that your Winamp offers. Some plug-ins for Winamp can add lyrics, toolbars and a variety of other features that Winamp would not normally come with.

English music mp3 free download

Just like most “free” programs out there, Winamp has two main versions. There is the free version and the paid version. With the free version, you are able to install skins and plug-ins, listen to music and even sync music from other music devices. However, some of the best features of Winamp are reserved for the paid version. After all, Winamp has to have a reason to get people to want to upgrade from the free version to the paid one. Features such as CD-ripping, full CD-burning speeds and MP3 encoding are limited to the paid version. This is a shame for two reasons. First, there are a number of free music players that offer these kinds of features for free. Second, the paid version of Winamp is slightly overpriced at $19.99, considering that there are free programs out there that offer these same features.

For the most part, Winamp runs like a dream. In fact, the program is light enough to run in the background of your computer while you game without giving you much issue. However, Winamp starts to get memory hungry when you load up a bunch of songs. In some cases, the program can eat up as much as 100MB of memory. With most newer computers, 100MB of memory is nothing. However, when you consider the fact that there are lighter programs out there for playing music, this may be reason enough for people to avoid Winamp.

Supports syncing to music players, such as iPods

Plays a variety of music formats

Videos and artist bio information are built right into the program

Completely customizable with different skins and plug-ins

Can be a memory hog at times

Many important features, such as CD-ripping, are limited to the paid version of the program

Paid version is overpriced compared to other music players that you can get for free

Mpe3 music downloader

Other programs to consider

User Opinions on Winamp

Alternative MP3 player with some interesting features

Download and listen to your favorite songs and make fun play lists that are randomized

Light version of Winamp music playing software for portability

A simple audio and video player that supports a wide range of formats for free

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