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PROS: Supports a wide range of formats, Good hotkey support, Easy to use, Very flexible and lightweight, Integration with web channel streaming services, Improved interface in version 3, More format support in version 3, Plays BluRay and HD, Completely free! Mpe free download.

CONS: User interface is quite basic, User interface slicker in Mac version

PROS: Simplified interface, Apple Music streaming service, Improved playlist creation, Curated and automatic radio stations

CONS: Limited file formats supported, Amost overwhelming number of features!

PROS: Organizing your files is very easy, Edit your file names and tags from within the player

CONS: Windows Media Player 11 won’t work on Windows 10 64bit devices, You need to add codecs for newer file types

PROS: Improves sound quality, Easy to enable/disable, Skins available

CONS: Looks old-fashioned, Limited effect

PROS: New iPod sync and MP3 download features, Organize your music in customizable playlists, Share collaborative playlists with friends, Streaming radio with filters, Social features: friend list, Facebook connect, Import your MP3 files into the program

Mo3 converter

CONS: You'll have to put up with ads in the Free version, Individual songs can only be paid with credit card, Some songs are not available for download

PROS: Create ringtones, Sort music according to category and information, Customizable interface, Create custom playlists

CONS: Does not automatically pauses during phone calls, Cannot access media player buttons when phone screen is locked, Mass music downloads are not allowed

PROS: Five-band equalizer controller with a bass amplifier, Supports most standard audio files, Playlist creation through genre, Custom color palette and night mode

CONS: Most mobile devices already have an audio player, Lacks online song searching and downloading, Cannot edit MP3 songs, Unable to play MP4 files

PROS: Nice interface design with support for skins, 18-band equalizer, Support for online radio, Full featured tag editor, Support for all popular audio formats

PROS: Easy to use, Simple setup, Offline and online usability

CONS: Requires data connection for best use, Will import artist even if already on device

3mp free download

PROS: Huge library, Good audio quality, YouTube and integration, Opens MP3 store to purchase tracks, Trending tracks

CONS: Messy interface, Some videos require you to register to watch, No video/audio converter

PROS: Very easy to use, Very low on system resources, Support for many formats, Support for subtitles and screenshots, Includes audio and video equalizer

PROS: Nice customizable interface, Works with all popular formats, Includes interesting extra features

CONS: Doesn't have many skins or visual effects

PROS: Huge database of lyrics, Sing-along lyrics are great, Easy to use

CONS: Remove vocals option is weak, Ads are intrusive

PROS: Easy-to-use interface, Option to upload automatically, Option to upload individual songs manually, iTunes compatible

Be free mp3

CONS: Doesn't provide solutions to upload errors

PROS: Great default customisable skin, Responds quickly to commands, Includes ID3 tag editor and CD ripper, Pro version now effectively free

PROS: A quick and easy way to download files., Also keeps your files secure and private.

CONS: Not everyone will find it useful., Cannot download YouTube files.

PROS: This software is completely free to download and install within a Windows operating system., Basic customisation options are available at the click of a button.

CONS: There is little contact information if a problem occurs., Newer Windows operating systems are not likely to be supported.

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