Mp3 free mp3. Download Music from YouTube on Any Device (PC, Mac, Android)

Most commuters choose to listen to music on YouTube to kill time during the rush hour. However, this way of leisure can be annoying to some extent. Free mp3 downloads legal.

Firstly, you will run out of the monthly mobile data fast. Secondly, streaming music may be interrupted due to a bad connection. Thirdly, even if you do not concern these problems, neck pain and eyestrain caused by phubbing all the way will surely overwhelm the pleasure from enjoying the YouTube music.

You may raise many questions on how to solve the problems:

Is there any app that helps you enjoy the music offline, without consuming data?

Is there any app that makes music streaming uninterrupted?

Is there any app that gets your eyes and hands freed when you enjoy YouTube music?

Is there any app that allows you to access music library compatible with more devices, instead of visiting, or other music streaming sites with a web browser?

These problems can be readily solved with AnyUTube, which enables you to download music from YouTube to listen offline.

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Now, follow the steps below and learn how to use AnyUTube to download music from YouTube.

How to download music from YouTube to your phone?

Step 1: Install AnyUTube on your Android smartphone and launch it.

Enter anything about the YouTube music you want, such as a singer, song, album, and even lyrics.

If you know exactly which YouTube video you’re about to rip the music from, just copy and paste the URL of the video to the search bar. Then you can get the YouTube music video as below.

Moreover, both the URLs of YouTube playlist and channel are supported for downloading. That is to say, you can easily download the whole YouTube music playlist or download every track of your favorite singer from his or her YouTube channel.

Press the “Download” button, and you can download YouTube music from YouTube in seconds. M4A is also supported for the audio format.

After you complete all the steps above, click “Library” to check the files, both downloaded and processing.

Free music

More importantly, you can play the downloaded music with the built-in player of AnyUTube, without a third-party player. Also, you can click the dots to delete the music, add it to playlist or open saved folder.

How to download music from YouTube to computer?

Step 1: Install AnyUTube on your PC or Mac, and launch the app.

Step 2: Search a song by entering a keyword or pasting a YouTube URL.

You can choose a single item to download, or click “All” to download all items shown on the first page. Click “Next” to move to the next page. Similarly, you can download a single item or all items shown on that page. The number of items on each page may vary.

Moreover, you can paste a URL of YouTube Playlist and click “All” to download the entire playlist in bulk.

Step 3: Choose the format you want to download. Click “More” for more formats.

Step 4: Enjoy the downloaded MP3 with the built-in player, or watch the downloaded videos with an installed video player.

Free mpe song download

If you add certain songs to the playlist, more functions are available at the left bottom of the window, such as checking the playlist, deleting an item, setting the play mode, pausing, and choosing the previous or the next song.


AnyUTube is a one-stop app that helps you download music from YouTube with easy steps. It is far more than a simplified replica of YouTube, but a YouTube downloader, converter and music player.

The Desktop App allows you to batch download an entire YouTube playlist. In other words, you can download more than 600 songs from YouTube at one time.

What’re you waiting for? Free download AnyUTube and try it by yourself!

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