Free and safe mp3 download. Download Pazera Free AVI to MP3 Portable 1.3

A handy and straightforward application worth having when you need to convert multiple AVI or XviD files to MP3 or WAV format effortlessly

Pazera Free AVI to MP3 Portable is a comprehensive and practical software solution whose main purpose is to help users convert multiple AVI, XviD or DivX files to MP3 or WAV format within seconds. Free to mp3.

Quick conversion with the deafult profile

The application sports an intuitive interface that helps you to add as many files as you want in the traditional way using the proper options from the File menu, or simply drag them from separate folders and drop them inside the utility.

In case you want to maintain the default settings, you can press the ‘Convert’ button. However, if you want to adjust specific options, you can use the right panel for this purpose. You are able to modify basic settings such as the destination folder or change more complex options considering the conversion profile, the audio format, the bitrate mode or the frequency.

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Edit or create tags for your files

Additionally, you can change the start time and the end time offset in case you want to convert just a specific section of a long video, as well as select an action that the application is required to trigger when the conversion process is finished.

What’s more, Pazera Free AVI to MP3 Portable allows you to add tags to your files such as artist name, album, genre and title. This option comes in handy when it comes to sorting and finding your files; however it supports only MP3 and AAC files so you won’t be able to add tags to AVI, XviD or WAV files.

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Considering that it is a portable utility, you can carry it with you wherever you go on a removable drive and use it on any computer. Hence, it does not create registry entries and you can remove it simply by deleting its containing folder.

A few last words

To wrap it up, Pazera Free AVI to MP3 Portable proves to be a practical and reliable solution when it comes to convert AVI or XviD files to MP3 or WAV format.

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