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Did you know that 70% of the toxins inside of your body are removed through the lungs? Isn´t that fantastic?

Most people think about air as oxygen…But is it just that? No. It is life force. Pure life force. Chi. Prana. How are we suppose to live our highest potential if we are not filled with life force? Life force is around us all the time, and it is free. It is unlimited. Breathing exercises should be a part of the school curriculum. It is easy, free and always available – and it is important for our wellbeing. We brush our teeth because we do not want the consequence of not doing it, and we want the positive outcome of doing it. What are the consequences of not breathing properly? It reduces our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. What if from this day you inhale more life force into your cells. Life force is light. Our cells are made of light. Without light, they die.

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I am sharing a really easy and powerful exercise technique from Anthony Robbins. Maybe you can do it as an experiment for the next 10 days just to check how it affects you energy levels. It may surprise you in a very good way.

Take 10 “power breaths” three times a day in the following ratio:

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You are a powerful Soul in a human body. Your are Love. You are the Universe expressing itself as a human for a little while in eternity. Make the most out of it! Love fully, Live fully and Shine Your Beautiful Light.


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