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When most hip hop artists get started rapping they need high quality rap beats for free just to see if they can write songs to these chosen Instrumentals. The main reason rappers like to start with free rap beats is so that they don’t end up spending a ton of money of instrumentals that they don’t end up using or that don’t inspire them. Free rap music downloads.

I put together a list of websites, where rappers can download hip hop instrumentals for free just to trail their rap skills and get a feel for some instrumentals.

Some of the main sites that allow you to download free beats include,,,,,,, Datpiff and independent rap instrumental websites.

Just as a shameless plug if you head over to our home page at we give away 3 free hip hop beats to our new subscribers along with music marketing tips and information for up and coming hip-hop artists.

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Here is a preview of the Free Download Policy that gives with the use of free beat downloads. Please keep in mind that individual music producers may change this to suit their own needs in the beat selling business.


- Reproduction of tangible copies of a recording on the Beat of up to 50 non-profit copies.

- Showcasing of a recording on the Beat in a non-profit manner through an internet-based medium such as personal webpage.

- Performing a live act on the Beat in a completely non-profit show.

- Redistributing the Beat by itself with all filenames and credits intact (see section 2) through the internet or a tangible medium.

2. Credit. You will provide proper credit for the creation of the Beat by writing ‘Produced by The Corporatethief Beats’ on all official documents or surfaces released with tangible copies of a recording on the Beat. It is alternatively acceptable to credit the Beat’s direct producer’s real name or stage name for the creation of the Beat. If there are absolutely no means to provide written credit, vocal credit is required by actually recording the phrase ‘Produced by The Corporatethief Beats’ within the first 30 seconds of the Beat.

3. Liability. You hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold The Corporatethief Beats and all of our officers, directors, producers, owners, employees, agents, information providers, affiliates, and licensors (collectively, 'The Corporatethief Beats') harmless from and against any and all liability, losses, costs, and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) incurred in connection with any claim arising out of your use of the Beat, including but not limited to claims for defamation, violation of rights of publicity and/or privacy, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and any claim or liability relating to the content, quality, or performance of materials in relation to the Beat. We reserve the right, at our own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, and in such case you agree to cooperate with our defense of such claim.

4. Termination. The Corporatethief Beats reserves the right to terminate this Agreement at any time or terminate your rights to use or distribute the Beat at any time for any reason.

5. Legal Consequences. Any unauthorized use of the Beat, including unauthorized reselling, is considered a direct violation of the US Copyright Act of 1976 and is infringing upon the copyrights of the works of The Corporatethief Beats. Under the fullest extend of the law, The Corporatethief Beats reserves the right to take legal action or pursue financial compensation as a result of any breach or violation of this Agreement.

6. Modifications. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify this Agreement and any fees, at any time, effective upon the date we post a new Agreement on the beat’s free download page. Your continued use of the Beat constitutes your binding acceptance of this Agreement, including any changes or modifications

You can use the search window above at the top of the page to find the exact genre of hip hop beats you are looking for.

Not every beat will be available for free demo download. Some producers are completely opposed to free hip hop beats. So you choices are simply to cough up the change for the lease license or find another track that you will like that you can access for free.

I use Airbit's music player to sell my beats online. It’s a very trustworthy company and I have dealt with them for a long time so I am confident in my recommendation of finding quality rap beats here.

Soundclick is a music website that has been around for a long time. Even though it caters all genres of music online it has become dominated by rap beat makers and rap artists looking for high quality rap beats.

I don’t really use Soundclick to sell my music anymore as I wanted more freedom to control my own webspace. But it is still a huge hub for hip hop artists to source rap beats.

For a long time I had my qorums with Soundclick on how lazy they were to update their websites user interface, with the ever advancements in mobile popularity. But they continued to have the same theme for years.

Video 2 mp3

Nevertheless it still brought very high quality rap music producers to showcase their rap beats. Their highly competitive chart system for music producers insures that best Soundclick beats are usually located on their main genre page.

Soundclick also delivers instrumentals in the most popular genres of hip hop, which include trap, rnb, hip hop, pop, west coast, and free instrumentals with hooks.

It’s important to note that with along with are just a websites that gives independent rap beat makers the tools to deliver their instrumentals.

So you are dealing with individual music rap producer for each instrumental.

Most beat makers will include their email address on their profile page just in case you need to contact them later.

In order to download free instrumentals on Soundclick,

2} Use the sub genre charts to navigate for the right rap instrumental genre you need.

3} Located near the play button you will find the "Download Icon" which will allow you to download the instrumental without having to subscribe to any email lists.

It might be a good idea to relabel the name of the instrumental with the name of the producer or their contact info. So that you can contact that producer later if you need to purchase the beat lease.

Beatstars is another hip hop instrumental website that gives the tools to independent music producers to promote and sell their rap beats online. This website also links up and coming hip artists and singers too producers by providing them with a hub to showcase their songs.

It’s for this main reason that Beatstars has established itself with it’s own identity compared to the two previous sites mentioned with Soundclick and

By creating an ecosystem for artists, Beatstars has more of an incentive rap artists to download beats from the producers on the website.

Most of the producers on Beatstars have coined the term “Type Beats” online especially on Youtube. So most of the popular tags you find on Beatstars will be “Certain Artist Type Beat” like that of a “ Drake Type Beat ”.

Soundcloud is one of the biggest online audio sharing websites. Not just for hip hop but for all genres of music. It’s particularly popular with rap artist showcasing their music online.

You will find beat makers on here that allow they download of the beats for free. Most producers will link it back back the free download back to their websites where they may have incentive downloads.

If you click on the more button under the Soundcloud player you will see a “ Download Icon ” which will give you the ability to download the beat.

Soundcloud wouldn’t be my first port of call for hip hop artist to find free hip hop beats as it’s common that beat makers have their beats stolen an uploaded here on Soundcloud without any repercussions.

So even if you find a legit download link here it might be hard to find out if that this beat maker is legit or if they just took them from another producers site.

Try to do a quick background check on any producer that you download beats from. It’s pretty safe if they link to their other social media websites.

Gotinstrumentals is one of the largest hip hop instrumental mixtape sites online.

It operates similarly to that or but more catered to instrumental hip hop music.

Gratis mp3

The legitimacy of Gotinstrumentals is questionable as they host tons of instrumentals from popular songs. Weather they have the rights to do this is unlikely.

But if you are looking for instrumentals that your favourite rappers have rapped over this might just be your port of call.

Apart from remake beats that you might find on Youtube it’s pretty hard to find official instrumentals from famous artists. Gotinstrumentals seems to have large source of official hip hop instrumentals without the vocals or official instrumentals with hooks.

Just proceed with caution if you do download instrumentals from this site.

In order to download instrumentals you need to set up an free profile with

Just hit the sign up button and fill out some details and once you have a profile head over to your chosen instrumental and click the download button.

The one plus side to Gotinstrumentals is that music producer upload complete beat tapes here. So you might just find a producers complete library or catalogue with one download instead of downloading each and every beat individually.

It might be a good idea to check out their Gotinstrumental mixtapes series. Here they host and distribute free instrumental mixtapes from pre selected music producers. This might help you find free beats on Gotinstrumentals that have some quality control.

The site does go through periods very high volume of traffic which it can’t seem to handle. Sometimes you might see that the site is down or downloading might be disabled for a period of time.

is a similar site to that of and They provide tools for up-and-coming beat makers to showcase and share their instrumentals online. They also provide chart system where the best music producers and high-quality instrumentals are found.

The chart system on Beat brokerz enables rap artist to download free instrumentals from the website produced by individual beat makers.

I've sourced beat brokerz free instrumental policy below.

This free download can not be used for any production music or profitable use.

It’s provided for song writing purposes and demo recording use only. To use this master track for profitable music distribution you must purchase the required licence.

Please note that this free download has reduce quality and audible tags. To obtain a quality version of this download please purchase the available licences above.

Again you have to understand that you were dealing with individual music producers. You may be able to download free rap beats to see if you're good enough to write songs to.

But you'll need to understand that these beats will be heavily tagged by the music producers themselves. And in order to find un-tagged beats you need to purchase a licence.

Most of the producers at the top of the charts is to understand the need for the songwriting process to occur so that rappers will purchase their hip-hop beats. Most will only put in tags at the start just so that the rap artist vibe to it.

There are two possible ways to download free Beats from You can click on the individual music producer and click the free download button or you can scan the QR code located next to the beat.

You will note that some of the same producers that you find on here will also be located on and

Using sites like Beatstars Airbit and Beatbrokerz is a good place to start when you are looking for rap beats and instrumentals online. Most producers will heavily promote themselves online so it’s easy to find social profiles of these music producers to check if they are legit or not.

Free song downloader

Most rap producers use the tools provided by these sites in order to deliver their rap beats to rap artists automatically.

Not every producer will stand by common free beat policies. Some will have strict guidelines for and what qualifies as non-profit use and audition purposes. So just because it says “Free Beat Download” doesn’t always mean royalty free hip hop beats.

If you choose to download free mp3 rap instrumental from independent instrumental websites and beat makers. It best to reach out to them via email or social media just to see what you can and cannot do with their free music.

I also offer a certain number of free downloads from my site which operate on the above free download terms. These beats include a selection of trap beats, hip hop beats and new school instrumentals. In order to stand out from other beat makers, you will find that I also give out music marketing tips, resource lists and my hip hop blogs list cheat sheet.

Here rap artists can clearly remember that they where they download the beats from because of my additional free downloads.

Also it gives me the option to continue my working relationship with the rappers that download rap music from my site, by offering my music marketing information as a bonus.

Just subscribe to via email to our newsletter on the home page in order to access the free trap mp3 downloads and music marketing resources.

Free Beats For Commercial Use?

A couple of years ago it was hard to track if someone had used music for profitable use.

Today that is a completely different story. With the use of music distribution sites like Distrokid or which uses a content matching ID system.

So if you use one of my free rap instrumentals for commercial intent without the purchase of a lease license I will able to claim the audio via my content ID matching system I have with

If you have purchased a lease license I can release the claim by white listing your channels.

To sum up the article, make sure you reach out to the producer to make it a much easier process for you in the future just incase your song does blow up.

Try relabeling the content information on the free instrumentals with the producers information.

Not every producer likes giving away free beats. Just because the beat is on Youtube doesn’t mean it’s up for grabs or “non-profit use”.

Take caution from downloading free official instrumentals or remakes your find online. Make sure you take heed of the free download policies these independent music producers offer.

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