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The download is gone, the executable is replaced by a file with the extension.old and you are advised by the readme to go to a website where you cab download the new version. Only: the website is for sale, there's nothing there that you are looking for here. M3p free download.

This one is passed away, try another.

Reply by UpLateVA on February 5, 2007

With a little work, you can still use the program. Rename the file from "minimp3.old" to "minimp3.exe" - then it will work fine.

BTW, CNet provides an older version of the program (1.2.2). The final version of the program was 2.0 (Dec. 02). While the author's website has been closed, the later version is still available for download from Internet Archives. For a direct link, visit the "FreewarePlanet" site (Audio Players page).

Tiny, cute icon, loads your files into a playlist...

and then refuses to play them.

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Great for playing Mp3s on computers with older equipment/low RAM. Almost as good as winamp. Five Stars

Very simple program, as others have said dont complicate it and it will work great for you. Program doesnt seem to have been updated for a while.

- Nice System Tray ICON, without any functionality. (I tried every way to make it work)

I was instructed to download the latest version from the homepage I did and got a non-executable file which is opening a good-looking tray icon & when I right-click & try to make it work........ It never works

If you are looking for a similar app, Try XPlayer (It really works and uses almost no system resource A GOOD program with a minor Flaw)

The idea is good for an unobstrusive MP3 player. Something that most people wants because most of the time when playing music, you are listening, not looking. So, do away with UI is good.

Free mp3 songs free download

Small size.. so even though it's a waste of time (it didn't work), at least it's just a small waste...

Sadly.. it didn't play anything. It sits there in the system tray. I added MP3 files to the playlist and there's no sound. I select Play from the menu and there's still no sound. It uses up quite a lot of memory for doing nothing... Other MP3 players on my system can play the files. So it's a waste of time.

This is a very simple program. Extract it to Program Files, Desktop or wherever - no folders, no READMEs... just the executable file. Right click on the icon in the system tray and choose your options from there. You can also drag and drop files into the playlist. Like I said, don't complicate it. The quality is the same as WinAMP so I am not sure why people don't like this program. I use XP with Service Pack 2 and had no problems.

Yet another abandoned MP3 player!

Where is a nice, small, dependable MP3 player???

the file from here doesn't work it just points to the new one from their website and i couldn't get it to work no matter what i did. it's useless.

Www google mp3 download

This download is nothing but a text file directing you to their web site.

This isnt the most stable player, often breaks up, sounds like its skipping like a cd, on my puter when opening programs... however, this is the best player I've ever used as far as chat goes, it doesnt use up alot of resources like the other players, and it doesnt lag-out my cam or mic when Im in a room. And I also found the sound quality to be great for such a small player. I LIKE THIS PLAYER!!!: )

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