Mps music download. How to Add Songs to iPad mini on iOS 12?

The major problem of iPad which irritates consumer is its limited access to upload latest songs on iPad Mini. Free music download sites.

Are you one of them who would like to build a favorite songs library on iPad mini but you has no way out other than iTunes?

Or you would like to transfer songs without any data loss?

Or you would like to add songs with specific formats?

Or you don’t like iTunes user interface?

Whatever the problem you have here you will come to know the best & easy alternate method of how to add songs to iPad mini from a computer and get rid of iTunes for sure.

Part 1: Add Songs to iPad mini from Computer without iTunes - No Limits!

The name of iMyFone TunesMate might be new to you, but it is one of the most efficient & premium iOS Transfer software. Basically, it is designed for apple product users by which they can connect their iOS devices together to add songs or transfer files to their iPad Mini easily and quickly.

Mp3 song

Let’s have a look on how to download music from computer to iPad mini quickly:

1. First, quick installation of iMyFone TunesMate required on you PC/Mac.

2. Now select the tab of ‘Music’ as it appears on the top of iMyFone application. You will be in the "Music" window by default.

3. Hit "Add> Add Files/Folder" to locate the music files on your computer. Once selected photos, hit ‘Open’ to easily add songs to iPad Mini. DONE!

it will not erase the existing songs on your iPad mini when adding;

it helps you to transfer music to iPad mini from different computers or iTunes libraries;

Music mp3 song download

it supports all music formats and converts music automatically when adding.

Part 2: Add Songs to iPad mini from Computer with iTunes

Using iTunes for adding songs to your iPad mini is the oldest and default method but mostly people founds this complicated. Let’s have a quick guide on adding songs to your iPad mini via iTunes.

1. First, install the latest version of iTunes if it is not on your system.

3. Open iTunes; a pop-up window will appear for permission to access your iPad data. Click ‘OK’ to continue.

4. Click ‘Files’ drop down menu and opt ‘Add Files to Library’ to locate your music files available in your system. Once upload to iTunes is completed then proceed to next step.

5. Hit the device icon from the top left corner and go to “Music” tap under “Settings” from the left sidebar.

My music mp3 download free

6. Check “Sync Music” and select to add all or some selected songs in iTunes library. You can click “Sync” button at the bottom to get it all once. DONE!

However, as you may know that, the previous music on your iPad mini will be deleted. If it is the first time you sync music to your iPad mini, or your iPad mini is synced to another iTunes library, everything will be removed from your iPad mini.

Part 3: Top 5 Websites to Download Free Music on Your computer

Let’s have a quick review over the top 5 websites which allows downloading free music legally on your computer.

01 MP3Skull

It is one of the most premium and easily accessible free music downloading websites. It hosts more than 10 million full-length music files which are legally available to download and share. In few simple steps you can download your music file:

02 SoundClick

03 MyFreeMp3

04 Songslover

05 MP3Lemon

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