Mp3 music converter. Top 5 Apps to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 on iPad Pro,mini,Air

You have just viewed a music video which you would love to play on your iPad. Or maybe you have watched a tutorial or other show that you need to listen to again on YouTube. You want to save the video to your iPad Pro as an MP3. This is when you need a converter that will turn the YouTube MP4 format into MP3 audio format. There are several online and desktop solutions for this kind of conversion, and we shall look at some of them. It is quite possible to convert YouTube videos to MP3 and save them to your iPad Pro. Convert youtube video to mp3.

Part 1. Recommend 5 Apps for iPad to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

This is a video convertor for iPad that allows you to extract audio from any video file that you download from YouTube. The tool supports various formats, making it versatile and powerful. The interface is easy to follow and any novice can understand how to operate it. You can also specify the start and end positions of the video to be converted.

• Allows for specifying the period to be converted.

• It is versatile and powerful.

• It has a simple interface that anyone can understand.

• It has a simple interface that anyone can understand.

#2. MyMP3

This is a video converter for iPad that allows for the extraction of MP3 formats from any video. It also allows you to send the resultant file to your social networks, email and many other sharing options. It is an easy app to use and has a lot of customization options. Apart from converting YouTube videos, you can also convert those that are stored in your gallery.

• A handy and speedy tool that allows for fast conversion of video.

• It allows for sharing of the audio with your social networks, storage sites and also sends via email.


• There were some performance issues but these are being worked on at this time of writing.

#3. To MP3 Converter Free

This is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to convert over 200 video and audio formats into MP3 that you can play on your iPad. This versatility makes it very handing since it can handle most formats. The user interface is very beautiful making it great to work with. There are no complex conversion settings and this makes it easy to use, even for a novice.

• Very fast video conversion and the high quality of sound is maintained.

• The interface makes it easy to work with this tool.

• The premium version has a recurrent charge for its usage.

#4. To Audio Converter

A powerful audio converter that allows you to convert video and audio files onto various audio formats. This is great when you want to get audio that can be played on different devices, both iOS and Android. The tool allows for the editing of tags and other metadata, for easy organization. You no longer have to go looking for album art, since it will get these automatically.

• It converts to several different audio formats apart from MP3.

• It organizes your audio library by editing of metadata and getting album art.

Mp3 online music

• There are a high number of bugs which are currently being addressed.

This is a free music finder, player and converter. You can search and preview all YouTube music videos and then convert them into MP3 with you can listing on your iPad. You can convert YouTube videos by adding the URL. You can also search for the music. It allows for batch conversion of files.

• Allows you to convert many files at the same time.

• Get to preview the files before you convert them.

• The quality of sound is maintained.

• It is susceptible to crashing.

Part 2. How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 for iPad - iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate

Converting YouTube videos into MP3 for use on an iPad is very easy when done using iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate. This is a powerful tool that allows you to convert video into several different formats. The tool supports over 150 video and audio formats.

[Video Tutorial] on How to Save YouTube Video to MP3 on Mac

Step-by-step Guide to Convert YouTube to MP3 for iPad using iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate

Step 1. Launch iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate and import your video files

One you have launched the tool, click on “Add Files” in order to get the video files that you need from your local drive or YouTube. You can add videos for your Camcorder, a mobile device, specific folders or as single files. You may also drag the video files and drop them into the interface of the program. Once the video files have been uploaded they will be visible in the program window.

Top 40 mp3

Step 2. Choose the output format

When your files have been uploaded, you should choose the output format. In this case, you will choose MP3 since that is what you need. The tool can also convert video files to many other audio formats. You will also be able to tweak some of the settings as concerns the quality of the resultant audio file.

Step 3. Convert the video to MP3 and save to iPad

Once you are happy and have previewed the r4esulatnt audio file, you may now convert the video. You simply click on the “Convert All” button at the bottom. You will get your resultant audio file within a few minutes. You can check on the progress bar at the top of the window. If you are converting a single file, then you should simply click on the “Convert” button. Use USB cable to connect the tool to your iPad and then send the converted video straight to your device.

You can set up the scheduler is you do not want the audio files converted immediately. You may also switch to high-speed conversion if you are in a rush to get the files converted. You may also merge videos into one audio file.

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