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Convert YouTube videos to MP3 on iPhone

Converting YouTube videos to audio MP3 files on the PC is one thing. Doing so on your iPhone is another story. In fact, it is easier to make audio files out of YouTube videos on iPhone. And more useful too: you can access your favorite music videos without the need for Internet connection and right from within the Music app of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Convert youtube video to mp3.

Follow the steps from the below tutorial in order to convert any YouTube video to an audio file and listen it on iPhone.

Save YouTube videos as MP3 on iPhone

1. First, you'd need to get yourself any iOS app that converts YouTube videos to audio files. There are countless such apps and if you look on the App Store, you can surely find one that pleases you. I use the free Video-to-Audio converter app. You can download the app on iPhone or iPad from here:

2. Open the app on iPhone and from the "Download" tab, select on "Web Browser". Then navigate to the YouTube video you wish to convert

3. From the newly-appeared popup "Video -> Audio", tap "YES"

4. Once the video downloads completely, tap on the left-most arrow button, then navigate to the "Documents" tab

5. Tap the video you wish to convert from the list of downloads

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6. From the next scree, tap "Convert to audio"

Tip: you can also convert the selected YouTube video to other audio formats such as M4A, WAV, etc.

8. Choose the bitrate of the audio file. The higher the bitrate the higher the quality of the converted audio file and the larger its size

Enjoy your audio files which now exists within the Video-to-Audio converter app on your iPhone.

Transfer the YouTube audio file to the Music app on your iPhone

If you'd like to transfer the audio files from the Video-to-Audio app list to the native Music app on your iPhone or iPad, follow these extra steps:

1. On any PC, download the free CopyTrans Apps Beta. CopyTrans Apps will help you transfer the audio files (MP3 or else) from the Video-to-Audio app on your iPhone to the computer. Download CopyTrans Apps from the following page:

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2. Run CopyTrans and connect the iPhone to your PC. Once the iPhone apps list on the left, select the Video-to-Audio app

3. You will see all the MP3 converted audio files from YouTube listed in the app's "Documents section. Click on the MP3 audio file(s) you wish to transfer

4. Drag and drop the selection of files to your PC Desktop

5. The audio file(s) are saved on the PC

6. You can now transfer the file via iTunes directly to the Music app on your iPhone. If you don't wish to use iTunes, use the free CopyTrans Manager instead.

CopyTrans Manager is an iTunes alternative which you can use to drag and drop MP3 files from your computer to any iPhone. The tracks are added directly to the iOS Music app.

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This is how to convert YouTube videos to audio MP3 files and to transfer the files directly to the default iOS Music app.

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