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The fact that Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, also known as XXXTentacion, was shot dead on June 18, 2018, broke many people’s heart. Even though his private life is full of violence, he is such a genius for music that one of his latest songs – Sad! produced by John Cunningham on the? album, peaks at number 1 on the BillboardHot 100, which, according to Billboard, becomes the first posthumous number one single since The Notorious B.I.G.’ s “Mo Money Mo Problems” in 1997. How can i mp3 download.

The official music video of Sad! was released one day after XXXTentacion’s open-casket public memorial in Florida. Directed by “JMP” James Pereira, this music video is written and creative directed by XXXTentacion himself, displaying that XXXTentacion attends the funeral of his old self, and engages in a fight between the old and recent selves as battling himself.

“Who am I? Someone that’s afraid to let go, uh

You decide, if you’re ever gonna, let me know (yeah)

Suicide, if you ever try to let go, uh

Just like his other songs, the lyrics of Sad! are full of depression and devastation, but they also encourage people to find hope in the fog of despair. Now, follow us and get this heart-breaking song – Sad! MP3 by XXXTentacion downloaded to your phone (Android and iOS) and then set Sad! as a ringtone so that you can find power and strength in hard times and memorize this great musician.

Part 1. Free Download XXXTentacion Sad! MP3

There are actually lots of websites where you can get XXXTentacion Sad! MP3 downloaded. After careful selection, here we recommend you two of the best music downloading websites to download XXXTentacion Sad! MP3 file.

Download music off the internet

Mp3Juices is a powerful MP3 search engine for you to download the hit song’s MP3 for free. With the main source from YouTube and Soundcloud, you can paste the URL from YouTube or Soundcloud page to the search box to download the MP3 audio. So it’s free for you to even download the remix version of XXXTentacion Sad! on Soundcloud.

With a simple click, you can directly download the MP3 to your computer, or save the file to your Google Drive or Dropbox, or share it on your Facebook.

is famous for its rich source of music. On the main page, you can also check some newly-added songs out.

To download XXXTentacion Sad! MP3, you just need to search the keyword and choose one in the searching results. Each one displays its amounts of plays and size for you to easily select. Besides, you can see the related songs like other tracks of XXXTentacion on the right side and download them simply.

Part 2. Transfer XXXTentacion Sad! MP3 to Phone

After successfully download XXXTentacion Sad! MP3 file to your computer, the next step is to transfer the downloaded MP3 file to phone for further enjoy. Under this circumstance, you will need the help of AnyTrans.

AnyTrans, developed by iMobie team, can help you successfully transfer downloaded MP3 files from computer to the Android and iOS device. AnyTrans for iOS is for iOS users and AnyTrans for Android is for Android users. AnyTrans is said to be the best tool to help you transfer XXXTentacion Sad! From computer to iPhone and Android phone because:

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1. You can easily transfer music from computer to iPhone or Android phone with AnyTrans. Within a few clicks, this job is done.

2. You will never have to worry about any data loss. No matter you are using Android phone or iPhone, AnyTrans just adds music to it, no data loss would occur.

3. You don’t have to wait long to finish the transferring process. According to statistics, AnyTrans can transfer more than 1.7GB of data within 1 minute.

Next, we will take Android phone as an example to show you how to transfer downloaded XXXTentacion Sad! MP3 from computer to mobile phone. Download AnyTrans for Android now and follow us to get downloaded XXXTentacion Sad! MP3 to your phone before anyone else.

Step 1 Launch AnyTrans for Android and plug in your Android phone. Click on Music.

Step 2 AnyTrans for Android would display you all music files on your phone. Click the Add Music to iDevice button and select the download XXXTentacion Sad! MP3 file on the computer. Click Open. Soon you can enjoy XXXTentacion Sad! On your phone.

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Part 3. Set XXXTentacion Sad! as A Phone Ringtone

If you are an Android user, you can directly set a song as a ringtone. However, things could be tough for iPhone user. You may refer to this post on How to Set A Song as An iPhone Ringtone to know more.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to download XXXTentacion Sad! MP3 and set XXXTentacion Sad! as as a phone ringtone. Hope you have now successfully made it. If you find this post helpful, please do give it a like or share it with others. By the way, as you can see, AnyTrans is indeed a nice music transfer and ringtone maker. Why not free download it and let it help you to have more popular songs on your phone?

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