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has chosen not to provide a direct-download link for this product and offers this page for informational purposes only. Http mp3 gratis.

Free MP3 Player offers a specialized alternative to catch-all media players that have proliferated lately and that may provide inconsistent quality. Because this program is designed to play only files in MP3 format, it can produce a more uniformly high-quality listening experience.

Playlist creation: This app allows you to create playlists of your favorite songs or other audio files, so that you can listen continuously without having to manually switch to the next track. There is also an option to Randomize Playlist if you're in the mood to mix things up a bit.

Clear controls: This app presents all navigation options in a clear and accessible way. There are buttons for Fast Forward, Skip Ahead, Rewind, Skip Back, Play, and Stop. You can also open and play a file directly from the app's main interface window.

Unwanted extras: Installing this app sends you on a path through a minefield of special offers attempting to install unwanted programs on your computer. It's possible to install only the program you want and not any of the others, but you have to be paying attention throughout the entire process.

Bottom Line

If you need a new alternative player for MP3 files, this is a good option to try. It's free, its controls are straightforward, and it can play MP3 files with no conversions needed. Just pay attention during the installation if you don't want any extras.


Totally free and perfect in usage

Be careful with installation

I can listen music in high audio quality absolutely free

Mp3 converter

could install something else

With this app I can listen my favorite song in best quality

Unfortunately has some problem with installation

Free MP3 Player is just the right type of tool that you need to play these files. The features are displayed in clear language. It is easy to create playlist according to your requirements. I simply admire the control options given in the tool.

however; this app has some unwanted programs.

The description sounds good, but...

(I think I have to give at least one star to be able to post, but according to what I read here I'd prefer to give none).

The reviews by RosieBarclay and Hillaryacia are word for word identical;

Mp3 sites

the reviews by Marthahomas and foxsally are also word for word identical;

Sure looks to me like somebody is "salting" the reviews. If you don't understand what I mean, the old term "salting a mine".refers to the shady practice of sprinkling a few flakes of gold dust in an otherwise barren mine site in order to fool a prospective buyer into believing he was buying a valuable ore-rich mining claim.

Any software that relies on fake reviews is not for me, I won't even bother downloading it. Cnet should pay more attention to what gets posted in reviews if the reviews are to have any value at all to other users.

cannot think of anything, except perhaps that its.... free?

1. It tried to install a whole bunch of other stuff.

2. AVG flagged it as containing malware

3. I paused AVG, so the free mp3 player can install, and it did.

4. I tried playing numerous.mp3 files, no cigar.

Music software download

5. Total waste of time and effort, ah, yes, mood too.

All that WinAmp did yeas before. So why the hype?

This one is one of my fav MP3 players. It's fast and good-looking. Playlists are really easy to create. Nothing more to add. Everybody should switch to it!

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