My music mp3 download free. FreeMP3 Rocket: Free Music Downloader and It's Best Alternative

MP3 Rocket is downloader that allows you to search download music and even watch and listen to it. It can download video and film and make video ringtones. It can download files from the internet with much ease. It is compatible with all Windows operating system. Where you want to download and play MP3 songs from online websites, MP3 Rocket is the best downloader to think of. Furthermore, it is free of charge and can download HD videos and convert them to any popular video format. Read through this article to learn how to use MP3 Rocket to download music from the web and another one of the best MP3 Rocket Alternative. Your mp3 free downloads.

Is MP3 Rocket Downloader safe?

Being an application, MP3 Rocket is safe to use, If you download MP3 Rocket from a reputable source, then that file won’t contain any viruses or malware. The problem arises in what MP3 Rocket is designed to do – download files from the internet. It could turn out that the innocent looking song you downloaded turns out to have something very nasty lurking inside it. The best way to avoid MP3 Rocket danger? Always download files from sources you know, and always make sure you have a decent anti-virus installed, up-to-date and enabled on your PC.

Is MP3 Rocket Free?

As one of the fastest Video to MP3 Converter, MP3 Rocket provides the free Youtube to MP3 conversion, also there is no registration is required. Besides, MP3 Rocket also allows users to turn any video into a MP3 ringtone, without sound quality loss.

Step 1: Launch the program on the computer. You can then search the video you want to download by going to Audio Search then search for a music you want to download and convert video in a music file.

Step 2: Enter the name of the song or artist of the song you want to download. Thereafter click the search button. The program will give lists of songs along with their names, popularity, and length. You can choose a file and double click it to play.

Step 3: After you click on Download button the program opens the menu and allows you to set up the download.

Free mp3 music to download

Click the first menu to change the file format. You can choose M4A, FLAC, AAC, WMA, WAV or MP3.

Hit on the second menu to change the file quality.

In the third line, change the name of the file and location to save the file.

Mark the box “edit artist, album, and song data “to open the menu for tags.

After you set up all preferences, hit on OK to save the song.

Download free mp3 songs online for free

After you click OK, MP3 Rocket will save the song and open the in the downloads folder.

Besides using MP3 Rocket Downloader to download music, you may also iMusic which is the best software to download music from online websites. iMusic is a music downloader that can search, download, record and transfer music between various devices including Android phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod,iTunes, Mac, and PC.

User Guide to Download Music using MP3 Rocket Downloader Alternative

It is pretty simple to download music using iMusic. It has a built-in music library in which you are able to download songs and playlists. It involves few steps as below;

Step 1. Download and open MP3 Rocket Downloader alternative-iMusic

First, once downloading iMusic, launch the iMusic program on your computer. Thereafter, on the top part of the program click "GET MUSIC" menu.

Step 2: Download music in two ways

Option 1: You are able to access several songs and the best playlists in the iMusic built-in library by artists, genre, and top list. To download a song, you may use the artists to find it then click on "Download" button. In order to download a playlist, hit the "Download" icon next to playlists. Thereafter, select the songs you want to download in the playlist. From the window that pops up, choose the appropriate format you want for your music. You may choose either MP4 or MP3 then click "Download".

Free mp3 music

Option 2: Alternatively, you can go to the “Download” option. Copy and paste the URL of music on the iMusic Search box. You can also search for the music on music site just on the browser and paste the URL on the program. Next, you have to choose the output format, click on “MP3” format and then click on “Download” button.

Step 3: Check the download Music on iTunes library

After finish the download process, then you could go to the itunes library page to check the music you just downloaded. If you want to transfer these downloaded music to your iphone, ipad or android phones, then you could check the below video tutorial.

Video Tutorial: iMusic- Transfer Music from iTunes to iPhone/iPod/iPad

Conclusion: Downloading music freely from the online website is made easy with MP3 Rocket and iMusic Downloader. They involve few steps to freely download songs from the internet. You are able to select the song or songs you want to download and with the specific file format.

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