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Sometimes you just really need to hear a song and don’t want to buy the whole album from the market. Something reminds you of an old song you know or maybe an article references a new artist, for this Google ( also YouTube) is one of the best search engines today and you can find almost anything using it. That said, it is almost always better to search things on a dedicated search engine. In this post we will list out some of the best search engines you can use to find music online. Mp3 search engine.


Seeqpod is basically an MP3 search engine that has a really nice, high-quality index of songs and let’s you play the files directly in the search results window. You can even create a playlist of songs if you want to use it as a basic media player.

Update: This web service has been discontinued.


MP3Realm is another dedicated mp3 search engine, but in addition to the other search engines it allows you to create your personal account to store playlists and search results. You can directly add the song to your playlist from the search results and access the playlists from anywhere. In addition to MP3 files you can also use it to search for lyrics and perform advanced searches.


SkreemR is one of the best dedicated MP3 search engine that will allow you to find and play mp3 files. Their search results allow you to directly play the mp3 from within the results itself, providing you with album info and ratings for the song. It displays results from various sites which host MP3 files. If you are looking to find your favorite song this is one search engine which will definitely help you find it. SkreemR also comes with it own Firefox Plugin making it easier for you find MP3 files without visiting the site. Download the plugin from here.


Hushie is another search engine dedicated to find MP3 files, just key in the artist, album or song you are looking for and search. The search results for hushie are displayed in detailed format making it more simplistic than the other MP3 search engines.


Songza provides you with a music search engine and internet jukebox. Search for any song or band and listen to the song on the jukebox. It can display multiple links to the song or band that you searched. Click on the link and you’ll be able to listen to the song instantly. You can also broaden your search by searching for the artist/band name or narrow your results by searching for a specific song.



Ever miss your favorite podcast or videoblog and because it involves too much searching and page flipping? With all of your podcasts and videoblogs that you subscribe to will be fed to the same feed for your easy access. It is absolutely free to subscribe to and has some very interesting features such as allowing you to share your podcast libraries with your friends. The site is easy to access and navigate through.


France based Deezer is the first music search engine that is undeniably legal. Deezer was pressured by the French government to alter their service, which they thought was skirting copyright laws. Since then, Deezer has ironed out their differences with the government by agreeing to share revenue with artists and producers. Thus, Deezer is legit with the added advantage of being able to choose which songs you want listen to, as opposed to the radio style service.

Lala is a hub for online music discovery and purchasing. Users can listen for free music, adding tracks to their playlist as they surf. members who download a plugin can turn Lala into an online music locker that syncs their desktop music libraries to their Lala account. Long uploads aren’t necessary. If Lala already has the song in their library, they simply unlock the file to you online.

Update: This web service has been discontinued.

Imeem is a social media network where users can create, recommend and discover music, film/video, art, and pop culture media and connect with other users who have similar tastes. After originally pushing an instant-messaging centric model, Imeem decided to start offering custom music playlists, video channels, photo slideshows and blogs, which could all be easily shared through the web.

Last. fm

Last. fm is a social media network and recommending engine. When you recommend some music to a friend, or you tag it, or you write about it – even just listening to it – you shift the song’s importance on the site. It’ll be recommended to different people, because you’ve listened to it. It’ll move up our music charts and maybe more people will hear it because you thought it was good. It is a perfect place to listen to music, it includes almost all artist from around the world.

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BeeMp3 is a dedicated MP3 search engine to search for songs. You can use BeeMP3 to search for artists, songs or albums. In addition to that they also have a listing of World Top 10, US Top 10 and Euro Top 10 music charts on their home page allowing you to easily find the best music.


The most obvious name, I must say FindMP3s has a cool 2.0 interface with a huge search form. It has the ability to allow us to browse the results by artists and the list of Top 25 hits.


Karabit is the latest mp3 search engine I found. It also has a much simpler Google-like interface for a less annoying browsing experience. It has the most simplest search result page with only the file name, Play and Download button and the permalink. Hit the Play button, a small and cool player will appear for you to stream the file.

Update: This web service has been discontinued

eSpew is another search engine dedicated for finding MP3 files. eSpew also allows you to create playlists and view lyrics for a song, along with alphabetical listing of their archive files. The also have a toolbar which you can use to directly search for files from the browser.

Update: This web service has been discontinued

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Another mp3 search engine Seekmp3 that very simply like major search engine. However, this search engine support various of language like Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and etc.

Music map

When you connect to, it asks you to give it the name of an artist. Then, based on what previous users have told it, it will display a cloud of artist names – the closer they are to the centre, the more likely you are to like them (or so the theory goes). If you want to look a little further afield, you can then click on one of the names in the cloud and it will create a new cloud with that artist at the centre.

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