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As a music lover, you deserve the best mp3 search engine! Mp3 search engine.

However, it’s hard to pick one from a bunch of choices.

Making a decision will take up a lot of time, especially when you have an urge to hear a song.

So, I’d like to share my favorite music search engine – Free MP3 Finder. It’s my first pick after trying over 20 online music downloaders.

What makes Free MP3 Finder the No.1 music search engine in my perspective?

Let’s think about the standard of an ideal tool for music search and download free. I just list some points for your reference as follows.

√ Easy to search (no learning curve required)

√ A wide selection of music resources

√ High-quality audio download

I guess that’s all we can ask for a well-functioning search engine for music, and Free MP3 Finder just covers all the merits above. Now let’s go through these features in detail.

Mp3 download sites

1. No-brainer mp3 music search

Basically, you can search any song you want with Free MP3 Finder.

The easiest way to search music is entering something to the search bar. It’s just like how you use Google. No matter song, artist, band, album, or live show, just enter something and then you can get relevant music after hitting the search icon.

If you want to search the song from a specific music video, there’s also a solution. Simply copy the ULR of the music video, and paste it to the search bar. Then you can directly extract mp3 track from the music video.

Notice: The screenshots are taken on smartphone. Indeed, Free MP3 Finder is well compatible with any browser - you’re able to use it on computer, tablet, and smartphone.

2. More than 1000+ sites supported for music search

Yes, you heard me right. There’re more than 1000 supported sites that enable you to search music with the video URL. You can check the complete supported sites here.

Among the 1000+ sites, there’re 4 sites that allow you to search with keywords, which are YouTube, Archive, Jamendo, and 4Shared. Once you enter something to the search bar, and you’re able to switch the option as you wish.

3. HD music download

What audio quality do you expect for music? I bet most people would say “the higher the better.”

What I learned from Free MP3 Finder is the so-called high resolution audio is not really necessary. Here is the thing, human can barely hear the difference of sound quality over 192kbps. I’ve taken an audio quality test, and it turned out that I even couldn’t tell the difference between 128kbps and 320kbps.

It’s hard to believe, right?

Httpmp3 com free download

From then on, I’m no longer obsessed with the hi-res music, and only download 128kbps mp3 songs. On the one hand, 128 kbps is good enough for me. On the other hand, 128kbps is perfect for smartphone considering the device storage.

Free MP3 Finder just meets my needs, and the fast download button is exactly the 128kbps mp3. Except for mp3 music, you can also download the music video accordingly.

If you do need higher audio quality of mp3 format, try AnyMusic Downloader. It’s the desktop application of Free MP3 Finder, which provides more format and quality options.

Moreover, batch download is available on AnyMusic Downloader. You can download the entire music playlist or multi-select the songs you want to download. Up to 600 songs can be downloaded at once.

AnyMusic includes all the features of Free MP3 Finder and reinforces these features in every aspect.

For example, while using Free MP3 Finder, you need to copy and paste the link from one of the 1000+ supported sites to the search bar. This step can be much easier with AnyMusic because the 1000+ supported sites are embedded on AnyMusic. This means you can visit every site the same as on browser, and there’s a smart download button on every page. So you don’t bother to search every song by pasting video link.

Free MP3 Finder is great, but you’ve got to try AnyMusic if you want to explore more about music download.

Let’s get back to the Free MP3 Finder.

4. Ad-free & virus-free downloading

The final point may not seem like a big deal, but it does have a great influence on user experience.

Free mp3 downloads free

Imagine that you click on the download button, and then you get a pop-up ad rather than the start of downloading process. How do you feel?

Perhaps you’re familiar with this situation if you’ve used free music search engine before. Actually, it’s quite common for free music download sites cause they make profits via ads. You know how annoying the ads keep popping up.

Anyway, I did not see any ads on Free MP3 Finder so far. It’s really delightful for me. Let’s hope there will be no ads forever.


Now, will you agree with me that Free MP3 Finder is the best music search engine?

I guess some of you may prefer its desktop version – AnyMusic Downloader.

Whether you like Free MP3 Finder or AnyMusic, please do share it with your friends. They will definitely thank you later.

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