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We all love music and for any music lover nothing could feel better than a free access to their favorite songs. A free music streaming app is one of the must have apps for a music lover. In this era almost everyone have internet access and they can use it on their Smartphone regardless of where they are and this helps us to satisfy their need to listen any kind of music. But what if you have no internet access for some time? How would you be able to stream your favorite music track? The answer is, the app to listen to music without WiFi. You can find a number of them on the Play Store and can leave the work of choosing the better and genuine one, on us. Internet music downloader.

Top 7 App To Listen To Music Without WiFi

The first thing we need to understand is that not a single music streaming app gives the luxury to stream music without having any internet connection. Then, the question arises, of which apps we are talking about? We are talking about those apps that give us the privilege to save our favorite sound tracks to listen them offline, and have a good number of music stations for access to songs without internet. We have taken these Top 7 app to listen to music without WiFi, to you after a good research among hundred of such apps.

Groove is a product of Microsoft. This is one of the most loved music streaming app among the users. With this app there is no need to worry about your internet data. It works for both Android and iOS but the app for iOS provides a little bit better experience than the one for Android. Microsoft Groove supports only two cloud storage services that are DropBox and Microsoft OneDrive and the user can play the music files saved on these directly using Groove. So, if you use Microsoft Groove music app you can access and listen your music files without having them in your device storage. The features of Microsoft Groove and people’s love for it make it to the top of our list of “App To Listen To Music Without WiFi ” but the recent update have decreased its ranking on the Google Play Store.

The best thing about SoundCloud is that it allows you to upload your favorite music in it. Uploading includes the sound track of other artist,your own mixes, your own tracks and others. It has playlists which you can select to listen considering your mood. The largest sound repository on the internet SoundCloud has features which suggests you the music according to your likes by observing your listening habits and the sound tracks you have liked. Its easy and free to search and find the sound tracks of your favorite artists or even the latest or old songs, you love. Users even can follow the artists to keep being updated about their new uploads. SoundCloud is fun and this is the reason people love it.

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Google Play Music is the music streaming service provided by Google to the android users. This app usually comes pre-installed in all the android mobiles having Android KitKat or above. In the older versions that are difficult to find now, you will need to install it. Google Play Music allows you to listen all the sound tracks saved in your device. Its main attraction is its amazing Radio service on which you can select any option from language, categories, and mood & activity and you will find huge playlists in all the sections.

Apart from it you can browse through latest tracks, music according to your taste and the top most sound tracks. Google Play Music has some awesome features and a huge library of sound tracks in every genre you want to listen, the UI is not very impressive though. Even if you want to play the music files saved in your device you can search through it with a very organised manner.

Spotify is not a new name in the world of music streaming apps. It has also got a place in our list of “App To Listen To Music Without WiFi”. However it is totally free for PC but on Smartphone initially you needed to pay $ 12.99 per month to get rid of ads. If you were OK with ads you could enjoy it for free. But for now it is entirely free without any ads. Spotify is again an app that lets you create your own play list with your favorite songs, you can choose songs by the name or their artists. Users can find personalize playlists that can be chosen according to mood. You can enjoy listening your favorite tracks for free and if you want you can download songs for uninterrupted offline listening.

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#5 Deezer

With Deezer you first choose the music genres you like at the very first moment you sign up. This helps the app to search and provide your choice of music. You can tune into a number of international radio. This app takes only those sound tracks to you, which you love to listen. You can find any song with no time regardless of your internet speed. If you want to listen your favorite songs offline there is an option to download them and you can find those songs anywhere anytime with or without any internet access. This app also allows to follow your favorite artists so that you can be notified with each and every new upload of them.

Pandora is again an app that has got so much love from the users. Pandora doesn’t have a huge library of sound tracks as all the other listed apps have but this app is rich in its features. Some of its interesting features includes the alarm clock that wakes you up with your favorite sound track. A large number of music stations decreases the need of internet access.

Wynk Music app is like a one stop shop for the music lovers. You can find different categories on the home page itself, like latest tracks in different languages, top songs, Top 100 on Wynk, Viral tracks and what not. This app is created according to Indian taste of music. The developers claim to have a collection of more than 3 million songs in different languages from local to international. Apart from these you can tune into international radio, can download any song you like for free and it also works as mp3 player so that you can listen the music files saved in your device.

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These all app to listen to music without WiFi are more or less similar in features but the truth is that you won’t find any other app with better features on the Android Play Store. All of these work great but most of them do not support all the devices running on android so you can choose one which seems better to you and is compatible with your device.


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