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18th July 2019 Order before 2pm weekdays will ship same day. Mp3 co.

B2 2T Black

2T Black - Stores 4400 FLAC or 9000 MP3 CDs (Add speakers separately)

B2 2T Metallic

2T Metallic - Stores 4400 FLAC or 9000 MP3 CDs (Add speakers and Bluetooth separately)

B2 240G Black

240G Black - Stores 500 FLAC or 2250 MP3 CDs (Add speakers separately)

B2 480G Black

480G Black - Stores 1000 FLAC or 4500 MP3 CDs (Add speakers and separately)

BSP 50 Speakers

50 Watt bookshelf loudspeakers. Including leads with plugs for B2. (Shipping free if ordered with B2 - Not for sale outside UK)

Bluetooth Dongle

Bluetooth dongle needed if you want to use Bluetooth on B2s shipped before July 2019 - the dongle is now included with B2s.

B2 Speaker Leads

B2 Speaker Leads - 3 metre speaker cable with 4mm plugs for connection to B2 and bare ends for loudspeakers. Price per pair.

SPDIF cable - 1.8 metre optical cable Toslink to Mini Digital Audio. B2 uses Mini Digital - many high end amplifiers and DACs have Toslink inputs.

Dl yoump3 in

B2 Remote Control

B2 Remote - A remote control is included with B2. Only buy this if you want a spare - or your dog eats the original.

B2 Oled

Replacement OLED and plastic cradle - to replace faded displays.

SD Card

Only needed to upgrade Brennan B2s delivered before 26th November 2016 to support NAS (this is a full sized SD card - if you want a micro SD please email)

500G Freecom XXS USB 2.0 HDD (or equivalent)

500G USB Hard disk - Please note we may ship an alternative equivalent model depending on availability.

Album database on CDROM

The JB7 album database is now available as a free download, to burn to your own CD-ROM, from Google Drive

Just Download, Unzip then Burn onto a CD. Its generally updated monthly on 3rd or 4th

[NB Windows 10 users have reported difficulty downloading - I tested this and ran into something called SmartScreen Filter. Disable this by going into Settings in the Browser. Then Advanced Settings then turn it off at the bottom and try the download again. You can turn on SmartScreen Filter after if you want]

If you would prefer us to burn a copy of the album database onto a CDROM for you, please purchase below.

Mp 3

JB7 Remote Control

Power Supply (B2 or JB7)

Brennan Power supply - This is a spare part - and is included with B2.

Out of stock - you can buy compatible power supplies from Amazon etc - search for 24V 3A and a 2.1mm connector. I tried this one from Amazon - the leads were a bit short but it worked OK.

30 day no quibble money back

If the B2 is not right for you - just email within 30 days to arrange return and we will refund your money as soon as we receive the B2.


There is a twelve month warranty.

New SSD models.

We are now selling two SSD (solid state disk) B2s - the 240G and the 480G. SSDs are a bit quicker and have no moving parts. SSD B2s are only available in Black.

Whats in the box.


Power supply and mains lead

Whats NOT included

Loudpeakers - order our BSP50s or use your own.

(BSP50s come with B2 speaker leads - if you plan to use your own loudspeakers you need speaker leads with 4mm plugs)

Cables - if you plan to connect B2 to your amplifier

Refurbished B2s

We sell refurbished B2s when available at a significant discount. Refurbished B2 are cosmetically and functionally 100% and carry the same guarantee. They may have been opened but are not pre-owned. Packing material may be different. All have been retested at the factory.

Email [email protected] if you are interested - please state which model if any you would prefer.


If you need a VAT receipt and paid through Amazon or Paypal - they can provide a VAT receipt. If you paid us directly and need a VAT invoice please email.

Music share

If you want to take the B2 out of the country and reclaim the VAT - the VAT receipt is all we provide.

Customers outside UK and EU should disregard the VAT part of any automated invoice. There is no VAT collected on these sales - though the price remains the same.

We will only export BSP 50 Speakers within Europe - and you will have to pay return shipping if you wish to return exported speakers.

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