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How to convert Youtube to Mp3

Downloading YouTube videos was never this easy. Convertor mp3.

This service allows you to download YouTube videos in a jiffy, without downloading any special apps or software.

Not only videos, but the service also allows you to convert YouTube videos to high-quality MP3, MP4, AVI, and many other formats.

This free and fast service is all you need if you love watching videos on the go.

Downloading and saving videos was never this easy, and now with this service, you can download your favourite videos and keep them in your smartphone, and enjoy them whenever you want, wherever you are.

The service is easy to use, and compatible with all devices and all browsers. Here are some of the most attractive features of our service:

Unlimited Downloading

5 movies, 10 songs, and 2 web series? Yes, this service can do it all. This service provides you with the freedom to download as many videos as you want, in whatever format you like.

Unlimited downloads also come free of cost, where neither you have to register, nor pay any fees for downloads.

Supports Multiple Video Formats

Not only can you download videos, but you can also download them in the formats you like.

Yes, our service supports downloading videos in most of the common formats available like MP4, 3GP, etc.

Also, you can download these videos in the resolutions of your choice, like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p.

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

Like a mix on YouTube and but can’t find its MP3 file? This is not troubling anymore. Our service lets you download and convert as many YouTube videos to MP3 as you want.

Now you can listen to your favourite mixes and songs in your music player, without accessing the internet, on the go.

The best quality songs are converted to high-quality MP3 songs- 320 kbps. Every song you download is saved as a separate file on your device, and you don’t have to stay restricted to your desktop.

This service works effortlessly on all devices and browsers.

Convert YouTube Videos to MP4

MP4 is the most common file type; the service lets you save videos in this format without any hassle.

Where to get free mp3

All you have to do is, search for a video with its name or copy-paste the exact link and hit the download button. In no time your video will be saved as an MP4 file on your device.

Convert YouTube Videos to AVI

The AVI converter of our website lets you convert your YouTube video files to high-quality AVI videos. All you have to do is, follow the instructions given, and select the AVI converter in the formats options.

Click on ‘Convert,’ and out fast downloader will download your file in no time.

Convert YouTube Videos to FLV

This is the most commonly used service of our website, where you can upload your own videos or provide a URL, and download the source file after converting it to the FLV format.

Following the same converting instructions will get you the results you desire.

Convert YouTube Videos to MKV

Our free and fast website lets you download videos to the Matroska (MKV) file format without any trouble. The process is easy and quick. And you can get the desired results by just following the instructions provided below.

Convert YouTube Videos to MOV

The file type famous among Apple user, MOV format is available for download in our service.

All you have to do is, upload a video or provide a URL or search for a file, and hit the Convert to MOV button. Your data will be downloaded and saved in no time.

Convert YouTube Videos to MPEG-1

To be able to download your favourite videos in the high-resolution MPEG-1 format, you can simply search for the video or provide the link and hit the ‘Convert to MPEG-1’ button. In no time, your file will be downloaded and will be ready to use.

Convert YouTube Videos to MPEG-2

Among all the other formats that are available, MPEG-2 is also available for you to convert your videos to, and download them free of cost, without any trouble. Follow the instructions to get your video files saved in your system, in your selected format in no time.

Convert YouTube Videos to WMV

Just like all the other formats that are available for conversion and download, you can also convert your files to the WMV format and save them to your device. The process is simple, and all you have to do is, follow the instructions, get the URL, click on ‘Convert to WMV’ and download it.

Video search without links

Another absolutely amazing feature of our service is that you can search for a video with its name on our website. Do not have the link to the video? That’s no problem at all.

The service lets you search for videos by entering phrases, names, keywords, or anything else that you remember of the song. And once you find it, you can download the video or convert it into an MP3 hassle-free.

Cross-browser service

Adding to your convenience, the platform is supported by all browsers, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Windows Edge, etc. This service runs efficiently on all the browsers and gives you the same amazing experience throughout.



Downloading YouTube videos in your desired format is easy, and these are the steps you can follow to get what you need.

And i mp3 download

To get started, copy the link of the video that you want to download.

Paste this link into the column provided on the site and wait for it to load the video.

If you do not have the exact link to the video, you can enter a phrase or keyword or the name of the video, if you remember it, and the website will search the video for you.

Once you have the video, select the desired format from the drop-down menu, and click convert.

Your file will now be downloaded to your favorite format and will be saved as a separate file on your desktop.

Yes, this service is totally free. We do not annoy customers by making false claims. There are no ads and hidden prices that you will have to pay for. The service is quick, free, and easy to use.

YouTube has an age limit for sensitive content, which is not accessible by viewers under the age of 18. But, if you can access the same video, then this service will let you download it, in the format of your choice.

Is this service available for Android users?

This service supports all devices and all browsers. So, if you want to access this service from your smartphone or tab that runs on Android OS, you can do it.

Is this service available for iPhone and iOS users?

This website works without any trouble on Safari web browser. So, whether you use iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, you can access this service from anywhere, and download videos and music to your device in no time.

Is there a limit on the number of videos or songs one can download?

No, there is no limit on the number of videos and songs you can download.

Do I need any additional software or app to download videos from this service?

No. this service is free, fast, and does not require any additional software or app to download or convert videos and songs.

Youtube to mp3 songs

How long does it take to download or convert a file?

This service is fast and easy to use. Depending on the size of the file and the format, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to download and save your files to your system.

There is an error message. I cannot download the file.

The error message could be due to various reasons:

The video URL that you provided is no longer working, or the link is broken

It is a copyrighted file that the downloader does not have access to.

I cannot locate the file after it was downloaded.

Most saved files are downloaded and saved in your ‘Downloads’ folder. Please check for your data there. If you still cannot locate it, you can either conduct a search or check your browser for where it saves the downloaded files.

Can I extract videos from other sites too, apart from YouTube?

This service allows you to download YouTube videos, and convert them into different formats according to your preference. Right now, it does not support any other videos platform, but we are working on fixing this.

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